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Sun Dec 3 07:06:15 2023

I saw an idol of my god painted in golden colour and wearing a garland of white flowers. He was giving blessings with his left hand to his greatest disciple. The idol of the disciple was also painted golden and kneeling down to him with joined hands.

This dream is likely symbolic of the spiritual guidance that you have received in life. The golden color of the idol and the garland of white flowers may represent the divine wisdom and pure intentions of your god. The fact that he is giving blessings with his left hand could suggest that you are blessed with the power to manifest your own destiny, and that your spiritual guidance has been a source of great inspiration and strength. The kneeling down of the disciple's idol could represent the reverence and gratitude that you feel towards your god and the guidance they have provided you. It could also symbolize your commitment to living a life of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Sat Dec 2 22:31:24 2023

It was nighttime, the most dangerous time of any day because its when horror figures actualize and haunt the night; the only ways to safely navigate the night is either being very stealthy and sneaky (HIGH SKILL) or to earn an invisibility cape from a quest which is VERY difficult to complete. Im invisibile in the night, being stealthy, navigating the environment, eventually i feel an overwhelming sensation as i find and i see a black cabin by the lake, with its small dock (light brown) and window with a light (maybe a lamp), Its an overwhelmingand hazy sensation as i dont understand why im feeling these things, i go to see what is there, then in a snap, i wake up on a bright morning, and i see im in a shed with light brown colors, i walk down to the kitchen and overhear a conversation between my mother and my father, and i somewhere catch my mother saying: 'A husband doesn't cheat' and catch her saying it with distate and contempt. Ignoring and pretending that I hadnt eavesdropped, I walk over to the sink where my mother is doing things (IDK, what). Then i raise my hands, using my fingers to control a carpet's placement, pushing them into a small roll of leather and i see trees around me in the sky (the branches) that are blocking the sun's sunshine ray, and i bend the carpet and trees; making room for the sun to shine

through. This dream could be symbolically representing how you feel you are navigating your life not being seen or heard, feeling invisible. The night time could symbolize a period of confusion and darkness, where it is difficult to navigate. The high skill of being stealthy and sneaky could be symbolizing how you feel you have to act in order to get through life unnoticed. The invisibility cape could represent the power you feel you have to remain invisible and protect yourself. The cabin by the lake could represent the home and security you desire. The light brown window and dock could represent the stability and comfort that you feel you need in life. The overwhelming sensation could be a fear of the unknown and the feeling that you are unable to understand why you feel the way you do. The conversation between your mother and father could symbolize the conflict between your parents that you are exposed to. The distaste and contempt in your mother's voice could represent the difficulty you feel in not being able to please everyone in your life. The carpet and trees could represent the idea of taking control and creating a path for yourself in the world. The sun shining through could represent hope and promise for the future.

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Fri Dec 1 15:14:24 2023

Someone begging on their knees for my hand in marriage for my father

Dreams that involve marriage and your father can be interpreted as a sign of a need for approval from a parental figure. In this dream, the person begging on their knees for your hand in marriage could represent a desire for acceptance and approval from your father. This could symbolize a need to feel worthy and appreciated by your father, and a desire for his attention and approval. The marriage in the dream could further represent a desire for a strong and committed relationship with your father, where you feel respected and accepted by him. On a deeper level, the dream could be reflecting a longing to have a close, intimate relationship with your father, where you are seen and heard by him.

Fri Dec 1 10:56:55 2023

I have been dreaming for a while that get more than one pet and I end up completely forgetting about them, neglecting them and letting them die of hunger or thirst, in the dream I experience it as carelessness, as if I forgot to start the dryer.

The dream can be interpreted as a reflection of the feelings of guilt and neglect that one experiences in their waking life. The multiple pets symbolize the multiple responsibilities and duties that a person has to manage in life. By forgetting and neglecting the pets, the dreamer is expressing their feelings of not being able to take care of all these responsibilities and not giving enough attention to all of them. The experience of carelessness is an indication of the dreamer's inability to balance all the obligations in their life. The dryer can symbolize the lack of effort put into the tasks in the dreamer's waking life. It is a sign that the dreamer needs to pay more attention and put in more effort in order to be able to fulfill all their responsibilities.

Thu Nov 30 23:54:46 2023

I had a dream last night I was at this beach house thing that’s was supposedly my families beach house and in the backyard their was a pool and it was dark out and also at the same time I was attending this summer camp so when everyone went back to their cabins I went to my beach house. I think one night everyone was playing this game and using the pool that was in my yard and I remember I didn’t want to play so I stayed inside my beach house and when everyone left the pool it was later at night and I jumped in and their was this mermaid lady thing in my pool that was like tv game show girl that asked me question and if I got them wrong and didn’t answer them she would tickle my feet. I remember the pool being a bright light blue it was dark outside and there was a white fence around the pool and the beach house was yellow but I only ever saw the back of it.

Dreams often represent our subconscious minds, and the symbolism of this dream points to your feelings of being left out and not fitting in. The beach house could represent your home, or the idea of home, and the pool in the backyard could symbolize a place of comfort. The darkness outside signifies a feeling of isolation, and the fact that you don't want to play the game with the others could point to fears of rejection. The mermaid in the pool represents your inner thoughts and emotions, and the questions she asks are a reflection of your own inner questioning. The bright, light blue pool could be a sign of hope, while the white fence could be seen as a barrier that you feel you can't break through. The yellow beach house could be a sign of optimism and a belief that you can find joy and happiness in life, despite feeling isolated.

Thu Nov 30 15:31:27 2023

i heard in the dream that there is a fire in my street i came back and see the electric wires that fall down i ran and did not get hurt. i looked back and there was one of my best friends and a very dear person and i articulated his name he was aso safe

The dream may symbolize a feeling of danger and uncertainty in your life. The fire in your street is a metaphor for something that is threatening your safety and well-being, and the electric wires that fall down may represent the potential for harm or danger. The fact that you ran and did not get hurt could be a sign that you are able to manage the situation and that you are in control. The appearance of your best friend and a very dear person could represent the support you have from those close to you. Articulating their name may suggest that you are relying on them for comfort and security. The fact that they were also safe could be a sign that you are able to rely on them and that they are able to help you manage the situation.

Wed Nov 29 22:40:12 2023

My mom pulled me in the other room and told me that me and my cousin were secretly twins and that’s why I had blue hair and then at Christmas my cousin/twin looks like one of the boys from my school and then my uncle stands up and explains that when me and my cousin/twin were 3 my older cousin got blue hair dye and dyed both of our hair blue and then I kept thinking about telling my friends this and then I woke up.

This dream is likely a reflection of your inner conflict between your individual identity and your family identity. The fact that your mom is the one to pull you in the other room could symbolize her authority in your life and how your sense of identity is shaped by her. The reveal of the twinship between you and your cousin could represent the idea that you are two parts of a whole and that your individual identities are also part of a greater family identity. The blue hair could be a symbol of how your individual identity and your family identity are linked and can be seen as an outward expression of that connection. The fact that your older cousin got the blue hair dye could represent the idea that the link between your individual and family identities was established by your older family members. The fact your dream ends with you thinking about telling your friends suggests a desire to share your family identity with those outside of your family, likely as a way of expressing pride in who you are and where you come from.

Wed Nov 29 20:29:16 2023

Like some people kidnapped me and started torcher me in this period i hearing namaz sounds i didn't feel comfortable for that because I'm hindu all after that they kill me with woodcutter . And i also the same dream few years ago Dreams

can be symbolic and represent unconscious feelings. In this dream, it appears that you are feeling threatened and powerless. The people who kidnapped you could represent a sense of danger or a feeling of being overwhelmed by a situation, while the torture could symbolize feelings of emotional pain or fear. The namaz sounds could represent a sense of dread or a feeling of being spiritually out of your depth. The woodcutter could symbolize a sense of being out of control and helpless in the face of a traumatic event. The fact that you have had the same dream before suggests that these feelings have been present for some time and have not been properly addressed. It is likely that you are feeling overwhelmed and powerless in some area of your life.

Wed Nov 29 14:37:15 2023

I dreamed I saw my former male friend and a voice said it's ok to let him know how you feel. I also saw a friend that I haven't seen since Jr high many years ago. A voice said it's ok to miss her and keep your distance from her. Both were your friends at one point in time and I shall deliver them back to you with interest. ( I assume this was Gods voice)

The dream could be interpreted as your subconscious telling you that it is okay to reach out to your former male friend and express your feelings for him. The second part of the dream could be a sign that it is also alright to miss your old friend from junior high and keep your distance from them. The voice in the dream, which you assume to be God's, could be interpreted as a sign that it is okay to reconnect with both of these people and that you will be rewarded for doing so. It is important to remember that dreams can often be symbolic and it is up to the individual to interpret the meaning.

Wed Nov 29 14:36:39 2023

I open my eyes to find I'm in a snow-covered forest. I look around and see nothing but trees and snow. I try to stand up on my back legs, but I can't. I look at my body and see that I'm covered in gray fur. I realize that I'm in the body of a snow leopard. I explore the cold forest for a while, wondering why I'm a snow leopard. Then I hear human voices. I turn to face the direction of the voices, but then I hear an earsplitting bang, and I felt pain. Then everything went black and I woke up.

The dream could be interpreted as a representation of the dreamer's sense of powerlessness and vulnerability in their life. The dreamer is unable to stand on their back legs, a symbol of strength and independence, and is instead in the body of a snow leopard, a vulnerable animal. This could suggest that the dreamer does not feel that they have the power to stand up for themselves and make their own decisions. The snow-covered forest could represent the dreamer's feelings of isolation and alienation from the world around them. The human voices they hear could represent a sense of hope that there is someone out there who can help them, but this hope is quickly dashed by the loud bang and the accompanying pain, which could signify the dreamer's feelings of being let down and rejected by the people around them. Ultimately, the dream could be interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer's feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability in their life.

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Wed Nov 29 13:43:34 2023

I am a talking dog owned by a scientist. I go out on a journey for an ingredient, but when I return my scientist friend has been killed and a mysterious note left on the door. I go on a journey to avenge him with a human sidekick and come across a village, whom I convince that I am a god.

Dreams often represent our unconscious desires and feelings, and this dream could be interpreted in several ways. On a surface level, the dream may be expressing a feeling of guilt or responsibility for something that has happened in the dreamer's life. The dreamer's friend, the scientist, could represent a part of the dreamer's personality or life that they are conscious of, and by going on a journey for an ingredient, the dreamer is seeking something to help them resolve this issue. The killing of the scientist and the mysterious note could represent a situation in which the dreamer feels powerless to change the outcome. The dreamer then embarks on a journey to avenge their friend, which could be interpreted as a quest for justice and a desire for closure. The dreamer's sidekick could represent an inner strength and courage that the dreamer has yet to tap into, and the village that they are able to convince that they are a god could signify the dreamer's ability to take control of their own destiny. Ultimately, this dream could be interpreted as a reminder for the dreamer to take action and assert themselves in order to take control of their life and bring justice to whatever situation they may be facing.

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Wed Nov 29 03:37:05 2023

I had a dream of finding a stack of ancestor money in my closet

The dream of finding a stack of ancestor money in your closet can be interpreted as a sign of potential luck and abundance in the future. The money symbolizes wealth and abundance, while the closet represents a space of storage and security. It can indicate that you are ready to receive the blessings of abundance and that you will soon be in a position to take advantage of a lucky opportunity. The fact that the money is labeled as ancestor money could mean that your ancestors are looking out for you and are sending you a sign of good fortune. It could be a reminder to trust in yourself and in your intuition as you move into the future. It could also be a sign that you have the support of your ancestors and that you are ready to receive the blessings of abundance.

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Wed Nov 29 01:56:28 2023

My sister and me are flying in cab I'm getting fear of fall, holding the phone. She is dropping me on top a stand which is very tall, i scared of the High and shouting come and help me she is coming. I am wearing and saree and showing my sister how it is?. I am going to meet my doctor who's is Surya's girl friend she is applying all the cream to my face and put in in eye too, which is tearing up my eyes, she asked me apply whole to body and Surya is also standing bathing I can see Surya, Surya is also see me and talking to his girlfriend. She is prentanding to fall she his hold her and tell I saved my life

In this dream, your sister and you seem to be taking a cab ride together. You feel scared of falling, and your sister drops you off on top of a tall stand. You are scared of the height and call out for help, and she comes to your rescue. You are wearing a saree and showing it to your sister. You then go to meet a doctor, who is Surya's girlfriend. She is applying cream to your face and eyes, and then asking you to apply it all over your body. Surya is also present and watching you, and then when his girlfriend pretends to fall, he saves her and proclaims that he saved her life. The symbolism in this dream could be interpreted in a few different ways. The fact that you are taking a cab ride with your sister could symbolize your dependence on her to help you navigate through life. The tall stand you are dropped off on may be symbolic of the challenges you face, and the fear of falling could represent a fear of failure. Wearing a saree could be a symbol of femininity, while meeting Surya's girlfriend could be a representation of the importance of relationships in your life. Finally, Surya saving his girlfriend may represent the protection of those you care about.

Tue Nov 28 02:10:30 2023

I dreamed about a friend named Angel. He and I were at a party with mutual friends, our own friends and acquaintances. We were all partying and taking pics with everyone, everything was good. But of nowhere, we all left the place (I feel like somebody told us to go out, idk why) and Angel with other guy suddenly wanted to go back inside, I was with some friends that I don't really remember who they were but we told him 'ok, just don't tell anyone' as we lifted a chain-link fence and those two got in. Later that same night, we gathered together but I didn't saw Angel, I only saw the friend he entered the place with a while ago. We all started to ask where he went but we just thought he came back home. Next day, I saw a poster where Angel's picture and the 'missing' word was written. I just started panicking and then I saw a TV in a store that said a corpse was found and it matches Angel's description.. at that moment I just dropped on my knees and started crying out loud and just... Denying it was him...

The dream reflects a fear of abandonment and a sense of guilt. The fact that you and your friends left the party without Angel suggests that you may feel like you abandoned him in some way. The fact that you all agreed to sneak back in to the party implies that you feel guilty about leaving him behind. The poster with his picture and the word “missing” indicates that you may feel like you have lost him and are not sure where he is. The TV showing a corpse with a description matching Angel's suggests that you are scared of something bad happening to him. The fact that you drop to your knees and cry out loud suggests that you feel overwhelmed by this fear and cannot accept the possibility that something bad might have happened to him.

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Mon Nov 27 23:39:10 2023

The dream showed my aunt, grand-aunt, and former pastor informing me of my grandmother’s death - in my grandmother’s kitchen, in a house in a city at which point none of us lived in except for my aunt. If that alone wasn’t bizarre, it was also bizarre that my grandmother’s death wasn’t something I’d already known of if I was literally in her house when it happened. To be fair, when I was actually informed of my grandmother’s passing, it was over the phone from my aunt while I was in the house I lived in at the time - far less bizarre than how the dream went.

The symbolism in this dream is likely related to the emotions you felt when you received the news of your grandmother’s death. The presence of your aunt, grand-aunt, and former pastor could represent the support system that was present for you during this difficult time. The fact that you were in your grandmother’s kitchen in a house none of you lived in could symbolize a feeling of disconnection from your grandmother’s passing. You could also be feeling a sense of confusion or surprise that you were not aware of the passing ahead of time. The fact that you were informed of your grandmother’s death over the phone in the house you were living in at the time could represent a feeling of detachment and a sense of not being able to fully process the news. Ultimately, this dream could be a reflection of how overwhelming and surreal it felt to receive the news of your grandmother’s death.

Mon Nov 27 21:32:00 2023

I was working with a friend that recently passed, we were in a wood shop, and I asked him to help me build a desk.

This dream is likely symbolic of your relationship with your friend who has recently passed. The wood shop may represent the skills and talents that your friend had, and the desk may symbolize your desire to build a lasting memorial or tribute to your friend. The fact that you asked for help in building the desk could indicate that you are still seeking guidance and comfort from your friend, even though he is no longer with you. This dream could also reflect your feelings of loss and sadness over the passing of your friend, as well as your desire to keep his memory alive.

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Mon Nov 27 20:30:52 2023

I had a dream about AI Generated images

In this dream, the symbol of AI generated images could represent technology and progress. AI generated images could represent a symbolic step forward in the advancement of technology and how far it has come. It could also represent how AI is now being used to create images, and how this technology could be a powerful tool in the future. The dream could be suggesting that there is a potential for AI to revolutionize the way we create images and visuals. It could also be suggesting that the use of AI could lead to great advances in our lives and in the fields of art and design. On a more personal level, the dream could be suggesting that the dreamer may be feeling uncertain about the future and the changes that technology is bringing. It could be suggesting that they are feeling overwhelmed by the advances of technology and the implications this may have on their life.

Sun Nov 26 20:21:50 2023

Una vista en primera persona en bosque oscuro mirando al cielo

En este sueño, el bosque oscuro simboliza la incertidumbre y el desconocimiento. Mirar al cielo representa la búsqueda de esperanza y respuestas a los problemas que enfrentamos. Esto también puede representar un deseo de liberarse de las cargas que nos impiden avanzar. Esta visión en primera persona sugiere que el soñador debe tomar acción para buscar esperanza y seguridad en medio de la incertidumbre.

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Sun Nov 26 19:32:58 2023

Estaba como que investigando algo, buscamos unas personas en un caso. Habíamos mucho involucrados. Llegamos a un lugar donde faltaban unas monedas de oro, luego creíamos saber dónde podían estar quienes buscamos, me ofrecí como voluntario para encontrarlos. Así que ahí estaba en carro buscándolos. Después de un rato manejando me doy cuenta que me pase de la dirección del gps, asi aud estaba volviendo en un puente de retorno. Pero en una distracción, la llanta se enreda o algo con la pared u orilla del puente y de alguna manera hace que todo el carro salga volando hacia arriba. Yo también salí volando, estaba en el aire muy alto, el carro también muy alto, fue un golpe fuerte, demasiado rápido. Comencé a caer, sabia que era el momento de mi muerte, caí al piso, mori y desperté

El sueño simboliza que estás persiguiendo algo que deseas alcanzar pero que aún no has logrado. Representa el deseo de encontrar la felicidad, el éxito o lo que sea que estés buscando. La búsqueda de 'monedas de oro' simboliza la búsqueda de una riqueza espiritual o material. El hecho de que te ofrezcas como voluntario para encontrar a aquellos que buscas simboliza tu deseo de ayudar a otros y de hacer el bien. El momento en que te distraes y el coche sale volando simboliza el miedo a cometer un error o a perder el control. Al salir volando, estás tratando de alcanzar algo más alto, un nivel de vida mejor, pero al mismo tiempo estás asustado por el resultado de tu acción. Finalmente, el momento en que caes al suelo simboliza tu muerte, tu fracaso, tu incapacidad para lograr lo que deseas, y al despertar significa que siempre hay una segunda oportunidad para intentarlo de nuevo.

Sun Nov 26 18:24:10 2023

Estaba en el centro comercial con mis padres, mis hermanos quisieron ir a jugar y los acompañe a jugar en el tobogán, cuando me baje el encargado de los juegos era un viejo compañero del colegio, nos saludamos y me fui a ver con mis papás, ellos estaban viendo electrodomésticos y mi mamá se encontró A una amiga del colegio la mujer estaba con su esposo, le dijeron a mi mamá que estaban buscando unas galletas verdes, mi mamá se despidió de su amiga y fuimos a buscar un taxi pero vimos un ascensor de vidrio y fuimos a ver solo habían dos botanoes 1 y 2 le dije a mi mamá que le diera el botón 1 pero presionó el 2 y el ascensor bajo, parecía que estábamos yendo a un lugar subterráneo, cuando el ascensor paro y había un lugar solo con escaleras viejas con césped y plantas cerca del ascensor había un edificio vimos un hombre viejo asomarse por la ventana, le dijo a mi mamá que mirara el alrededor qué era muy bonito pero el hombre no me dio buena espina así que presione el botón para subir nuevamente a las calle le dije a mi mamá que no bajara pero bajo del ascensor así que tuve que presionar el botón para detenerlo cuando vi a la ventana el hombre se estaba retorciendo parecía volverse otra persona o un monstruo, llame a mi mamá con desesperación pero no escuchaba abrí el ascensor y le tome la mano a mi mamá y la subímire la ventana y el hombre ya ni estaba, estaba intentando entrar

Este sueño sugiere que hay aspectos de la vida del soñante que están siendo inhibidos por una fuerza externa. El hecho de que el centro comercial se encuentre en un lugar subterráneo simboliza el subconsciente del soñante y los electrodomésticos simbolizan el trabajo y responsabilidades diarias. El amigo del colegio simboliza el pasado y el hombre viejo representa alguna figura de autoridad o una figura paternal que el soñante siente que impide su libertad. El hecho de que el ascensor baje cuando se presiona el botón 2 simboliza que el soñante está tomando un camino equivocado, un camino que lo llevará a un lugar donde el control de la figura de autoridad será aún más fuerte y los aspectos de su vida serán inhibidos. Al intentar salir del lugar, el hombre viejo se retuerce y se vuelve un monstruo, representando los miedos del soñante de ser controlado por una figura de autoridad. El soñante finalmente logra salvar a su madre de la situación y se libera del control. El sueño refleja el deseo del soñante de liberarse de la figura de autoridad que lo aprisiona.

Sun Nov 26 04:57:39 2023

I was in an auditorium with a friend and mentor. I was wearing a religious scarf over my head. Women and children filled the room and stage. I went out side into a farm area. The pathway was filled with small animals coming towards me in a panic. I stomped my feet to clear a path but the animals weren't afraid of me. There were countless mice, frogs and a green viper snake before me. I was afraid of the snake because it was poised to strike. Suddenly the snake struck and ate a frog so I quickly ran by. All the animals suddenly died and rapidly deteriorated. The vegetables also began to rapidly deteriorate and mold. I quickly grabbed two big purple aubergine before they completely ruined. I had to brush the ants off of them. I walked into a dark bathroom but the lights didn't work. There was only a faint light coming under the closed door. I could hear people outside talking about Donald Trump.

This dream seems to be a metaphor for a difficult situation you are currently in. The religious scarf could represent a spiritual protection, or your faith in something greater than yourself, while the mentor and friend represent the support of others. The auditorium with women and children could symbolize your need to protect and nurture your family and those close to you. The animals in the path could be seen as representing obstacles and challenges that you have to face in order to progress in life. The snake could be a warning of danger, and the fact that it ate the frog could represent something that has already been taken away from you. The rapidly deteriorating vegetables could be a sign of the instability of your current situation, and the aubergines represent something that you are trying to hold on to. The dark bathroom could be a reflection of your current state of mind, where you feel unable to see a way out, and the conversation about Donald Trump could be a message about the current political and social climate.

Fri Nov 24 22:58:05 2023

bueno cuando tenia 16 y 17 yo soñe que estaba vestida de un angel pero el traje de angel era ajustado y sexy el trajeera un body y era escotado en los senos y la espalda las alas era grandes y la verdad fueron dias en que yo soñe

Este sueño parece representar una etapa de descubrimiento y madurez en la vida de la persona que lo tuvo. El hecho de que la persona esté vestida como un ángel sugiere que está recibiendo una nueva comprensión de su propia imagen y de cómo la perciben los demás. El atuendo es ajustado y sexy, lo que subraya la idea de que la persona está experimentando una nueva confianza en sí misma y una mayor comprensión de su propia sexualidad. Las alas grandes indican que la persona está experimentando una liberación de la presión social y la inseguridad que pueden sentir las personas de esta edad. El hecho de que esta experiencia se repita durante varios días sugiere que el sueño representa una transición importante en la vida de la persona.

Fri Nov 24 20:54:55 2023

I saw a Facebook post that was black with white words. It said, it's better to make a bad mistake than to be around a bad person.

This dream is suggesting that it is better to take risks and make mistakes than it is to stay in a bad environment. The Facebook post in the dream is likely a symbol for the advice being given. The black background and white words could symbolize the contrast between the darkness of staying in a bad environment and the brightness and clarity of taking risks and making mistakes. The dream is telling the dreamer that it is better to take risks and make mistakes, as this will lead to personal growth, rather than staying in a bad environment which will not.

Fri Nov 24 14:21:26 2023

someone broke my laptop and i was crying for it

Dreaming of a broken laptop can symbolize a lack of control or a feeling of helplessness. It could suggest that you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work or responsibilities you have to take care of and are not able to manage them properly. The fact that you were crying in the dream could be indicative of deep frustration or disappointment in yourself. It might also symbolize that you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation and are unable to cope with it. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are feeling powerless in the face of a difficult situation, and are expressing your sadness and despair over it.

Fri Nov 24 09:59:10 2023

why was my dream about kotoko utsugi from danganrompa? there were songs about her

Kotoko Utsugi from Danganronpa is a character who symbolizes determination and resilience. In the dream, her presence may represent your own desire to remain strong and to never give up. The songs in your dream could represent the need to keep going, no matter how difficult the situation may be. They could also be a sign that you are being encouraged to keep pushing forward, and that you have the support of those around you. The dream may be reminding you to trust in yourself and to keep fighting, even when times are tough.

Fri Nov 24 01:45:36 2023

Sonhei que ia até a geladeira e comia um alfajor, mesmo sabendo que estou de dieta. O sonho mudou e sonhei que estava dando um alfajor de presente para um colega meu e comia o outro, mês o sabendo que estou de dieta. No sonho eu tinha tanta vontade de comer aquilo depois que comia, me arrependia.

Esse sonho pode representar a luta interna entre a consciência e o desejo. O sonho começa com o sonhador abrindo a geladeira e comendo um alfajor, mesmo sabendo que está de dieta. Isso pode representar a tentação de desobedecer as regras e se deixar levar pelo desejo de comer algo que não deveria. Em seguida, o sonho muda e o sonhador está dando um alfajor de presente a um colega e come o outro, mesmo sabendo que está de dieta. Essa mudança no sonho pode significar que a consciência do sonhador está ganhando força, pois ele está tentando agir corretamente, ao dar o alfajor de presente, mas ainda não conseguiu se controlar o suficiente para resistir ao desejo de comer o outro. Por fim, o sonhador tem tanta vontade de comer o alfajor que, depois de comer, se arrepende. Isso pode significar que o sonhador percebeu que não conseguiu se controlar e está se sentindo culpado.

Thu Nov 23 20:32:45 2023

we're in a classroom when my seatmate and i decided to go outside to take a break. however, things because weirder as we forget that we had a class when we brought to a house due to curiosity. As we entered the house, a long glass stair welcomed us. it was so exhausting going upstairs. We're on the second floor when suddenly a woman with bruises on her face grabbed us to a dark room and 'shh' us out so her husband wouldn't here us. We hide under the bedroom. She was very afraid but she's so soft spoken, she even let us meet her son. She told us that his husband was abusing her. However, as time goes by, we heard a loud steps of a man — supposedly her husband, yelling and haunting them down. When the mother can't handle the pressure of fear, she came out to our hiding spot and confront her husband. They had an argument that ended up with physical fight. We tried to fight him back and tried to escape but he's so strong. We tried to save them but rather, she 'saved' us. She let us sneaked out to the window and we landed to a fresh green grass.

This dream symbolizes the intense feelings and fears that can be experienced in situations of domestic abuse. The classroom represents the feeling of safety and normalcy that one has when not in an abusive environment. The house symbolizes the sense of insecurity and fear that one feels when in an abusive home. The long glass stairs represent the challenge of trying to escape the situation. The woman with bruises on her face symbolizes the victim of abuse, and her soft speech is a sign of her trying to cope with her situation. Her son is a symbol of the trauma that the victim and her children suffer from the abuse. The husband's loud steps and shouting represent the abuser's persistent and intimidating tactics. The fight between the husband and wife represent the abuser's attempts to dominate his victim, and the victim's attempt to fight back. The grass at the end of the dream symbolizes hope and freedom, and suggests that the victim can eventually escape the cycle of abuse and find a safe and secure place.

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Thu Nov 23 15:51:19 2023

Soñé que un perro se comia un pescado y las espinas le hacian sangrar la boca, después yo me aferraba al perro y lo abrazaba mucho.

El perro en el sueño simboliza la seguridad y el amor incondicional, lo que significa que el soñante siente que necesita una seguridad emocional. El pescado representa una situación difícil a la que el soñante está enfrentando, ya que las espinas le están haciendo daño. Al aferrarse y abrazar al perro, el soñante está expresando su deseo de encontrar consuelo y protección a pesar de la adversidad. Esto también muestra el deseo de recibir un amor incondicional que lo ayude a superar los problemas.

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Thu Nov 23 15:47:19 2023

Soñé que me montaba en el asiento trasero de un taxi y a la par se sentaba un señor con uñas muy largas, el taxi tenia un volante atras del asiento del pasajero, el señor con uñas grandes trataba de asaltarme, cuando miraba esto me bajé del taxi y me desperté

. En este sueño, el taxi representa una situación en la que te sientes fuera de control. El hecho de que tenga un volante detrás del asiento del pasajero indica que algo o alguien intenta controlar tu destino. El hombre con las uñas largas simboliza la amenaza de ser robado o dañado. Al tratar de asaltarte, está tratando de quitar algo importante de tu vida, que podría ser tu seguridad, tu salud o tu felicidad. Finalmente, tu decisión de bajarte del taxi indica que has tomado el control de tu situación y has decidido salir de ella. Esto significa que la amenaza ya no te afectará y tendrás la oportunidad de seguir adelante.

Thu Nov 23 11:06:09 2023

Soñé que manejaba un auto, iba con mi hermano y mi mamá, y puse el carro en piloto automático por que mi en ese momento se me ocurrió manejar un drone, como no sabia le pedí a mi hermano que me dijera como usarlo, luego, cuando me di cuenta que ya tenia que tomar el control del auto para doblar porque íbamos en una avenida principal, undi el acelerador levemente equivocadamente, y luego el freno, pero todo iba como en cámara lenta, luego vi que choque con un auto y luego del choque el auto se fue hundiendo en un caño que estaba abajo del anden, por suerte mi hermano y yo salimos y pudimos sacar a mi mamá, pero luego, ya no vi a mi mamá sino al auto todo dañado, me puso muy triste, luego vi que mi gato estaba con nosotros, pero el se fue de mis brazos y decidió el mismo meterse en una bolsa de basura a morirse. Luego que quede solo con mi hermano comencé a llorar por todo lo que había pasado por mi culpa.

Este sueño simboliza la responsabilidad y los errores que uno comete en la vida. Manejar el auto simboliza el control que uno tiene sobre sus propios pasos. El drone representa la necesidad de tratar de hacer algo nuevo, aunque no se sepa cómo hacerlo. El hecho de que el auto se hundiera simboliza la sensación de haber perdido el control y de haber cometido un error. El hecho de que salieran de él significa el poder de la unión familiar para superar los momentos difíciles. La desaparición de la madre simboliza el sentimiento de impotencia por no haber podido salvarla. Por último, el gato que se mete en la bolsa de basura representa la desesperación que se siente cuando no se puede hacer nada para cambiar el resultado de los errores cometidos. El hecho de que el protagonista llore al final indica que se ha dado cuenta de sus errores y que está dispuesto a aceptar la responsabilidad de sus acciones.

Thu Nov 23 03:59:58 2023

So I don't know exactly whe I had this dream but possibly early morning I was walking on the streets suddenly I don't know if it is a cow or bull started chasing continuously so finally I climbed the wall and escaped it then again when I was heading near my home there's a dog barking outside when I looked the nearest house there was a hyena inside I was crossing that house by spelling my beloved deities name and after sometime it got escaped and I escaped from it to..so when I reached my home many things were triggering me to masturbate In reality I have took a 90days no fap challenge so I hope it's to eliminate that challenge but cautiously I haven't and all of a sudden I became a kind of hunter there was a 7 feet Godzilla I got orders to eliminate it and I'm shooting it and it got injured so badly but still it keep on going to some no man region near the sea so again when I took a shot on it something else coming from behind it's the small Godzilla's which was soooo huge so to escape I jumped into the sea and swimming and that's all I remember all of the sudden I woke up

This dream suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by external pressures and challenges in your life. The cow or bull chasing you could represent the feeling of being pursued by something or someone, while the hyena in the house symbolizes fear and danger. The trigger for masturbating could symbolize the temptation to give into these pressures, and the 90 day no fap challenge could represent your desire to resist the temptation. The seven foot Godzilla could suggest that you feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of the challenge, while the small Godzillas could signify that you feel like the challenge is too big for you to handle. Finally, jumping into the sea could represent your need to escape from the pressures of your life and to find a sense of freedom and relief.

Wed Nov 22 21:40:59 2023

I am holding a baby then bernadette comes I go to a bedroom to change the baby then I said I have to wash my hands I just changed a baby then I wash my hands she shows me a part of her blue hairpiece that is in her hair we talk I told I felt like my mother was purposely keeping me away from the opportunities I got in my life then we leave the bathroom the doorway and my mother yells at me about what I said says you really thought I was trying you to keep you from opportunities. I said yes I understand you wanted to protect me but what you did was too much then my mother said berndette never made excuses on not being able to do things then me and bernadette go out the door without saying a thing to my mother.

This dream appears to be a reflection of the dreamer's feelings about their mother's parenting style. Holding a baby could symbolize the dreamer's feelings of responsibility and care towards someone, possibly the dreamer's own children. Bernadette's appearance could suggest that the dreamer sees her as a model of independence and success, which contrasts the dreamer's own experience of their mother's overprotective parenting. Going to the bedroom to change the baby suggests the dreamer's sense of dedication and commitment to providing for the baby. The dreamer's mother's reaction to the dreamer's statement about her parenting could symbolize the dreamer's feelings of guilt and shame for speaking out against their mother's decisions. The dreamer's mother's comparison of Bernadette to the dreamer could symbolize the dreamer's sense of being held to a higher standard than their mother's other children. Finally, the dreamer's and Bernadette's departure from the house without saying anything to the mother could symbolize the dreamer's feelings of resentment and frustration with their mother's behavior.

Wed Nov 22 06:42:59 2023

I escaped from a secret research facility that worked on submarine technology. I jumped into a waterfall and then was transported through a waterslide to the end of an underground tunnel. At the end there was a worker who upon noticing me helped undig us. We got out of the tunnel. There was a beautiful girl with me. We hugged each other for a long time in a strong embrace. It was strange, because as soon as we got out of the tunnel we were in the medieval times. We decided to move further away from the fortress towards the woods.

This dream is likely to be symbolic of a journey of personal transformation. The secret research facility is likely symbolic of a situation in which you felt trapped and unable to escape, and the submarine technology may be a metaphor for feeling submerged or overwhelmed. The waterfall and waterslide could be symbolic of a cleansing and purifying process that you undergo, and the worker at the end of the tunnel could be a representation of a mentor or guide who helps you on your path. The beautiful girl could be symbolic of new hope and optimism, as a strong embrace suggests a sense of connection and intimacy. Finally, being transported to the medieval times likely symbolizes a time of renewal and rebirth, with the woods representing a safe haven from the fortress, and a place of freedom and peace.

Tue Nov 21 18:26:22 2023

soñé que estaba eligiendo unos disfraces en una mansión que parecía estar embrujada, tenia que elegir un disfraz pero yo quería uno que fuera de horror que si diera miedo pero solo había de sirenas y pelucas de colores y no quería elegir eso yo. Mi mama me dijo que me iría bien un disfraz de triangulo , no se me ocurría nada por modificar para que quedara bien, después vi una mujer salir de la casa, su mirada era triste, estaba cansada de estar sola y muy melancólica salio para escapar de esa mansión en la que estaba, iba abordar un carro pero iba con algo pegado a ella, cuando ella se estaba yendo una fuerza poderosa la regreso y la mato en el camino la transformo en un espíritu y la cosa que iba con ella seguía con ella pero también en forma de espíritu.

Este sueño simboliza la lucha que enfrentas para encontrar tu propia identidad. La mansión representa una prisión mental, como si estuvieras atrapado en tus propios pensamientos. El hecho de que los disfraces no sean de tu gusto simboliza tu deseo de ser alguien diferente. Tu madre sugiriendo un disfraz de triángulo significa que estás tratando de encontrar una forma única de expresarte. La mujer saliendo de la mansión representa el deseo de liberarte de la prisión mental. Ella va al carro para escapar, pero algo la detiene, la fuerza poderosa que la regresa y la mata representa el miedo que sientes al intentar salir de tu zona de confort. La cosa que iba con ella se transforma en un espíritu que simboliza tu verdadera identidad que está tratando de salir a la luz.

Tue Nov 21 14:57:04 2023

date but after getting out of the car heading to the venue please come and shout at us saying we left our 1year 6 months in the car and we were embarrassed.

The dream may symbolize a feeling of guilt and regret for not having done something important in the past. The car may represent the dreamer's life journey, and the 1 year and 6 months may symbolize how long the dreamer has been neglecting or avoiding something important. The venue may represent an opportunity or destination that the dreamer is heading towards, but is being held back by this feeling of guilt and regret. The person coming to shout at them is likely a manifestation of their own conscience, reminding them of their past mistake that is still affecting them in the present. The embarrassment in the dream likely reflects the dreamer's feelings of shame and guilt for not having done something important in the past.

Tue Nov 21 13:56:15 2023

My brother saved a kitten from dirty and deep river and I revived the cat . a little girl said it her own. I know it's not so I took it with me we became friends. We were running up and down stairs. My sisters were telling me to marry a guy they showed me him and I ran away screaming and my kitten is suffocating in a bag and I revived it and it kept vomiting and a mother cat tried to take my kitten . a group wearing black 2 guys and a woman with sunglasses dropped on my ceiling and told me something going to happen in 85 seconds. Their big dog is biting my hand I told my dad about 85 seconds and he laughed but after 85 seconds I hearted a bang

This dream is full of symbolism that can offer insight into your current life situations and feelings. Your brother saving the kitten from a dangerous situation could represent you being saved from something dangerous or overwhelming in your own life. The little girl claiming the cat could represent someone trying to take something from you that you know is rightfully yours. Running up and down stairs could symbolize the ups and downs of your current life or a situation you're dealing with. Your sisters telling you to marry a guy could represent them trying to control your life and make decisions for you. Running away and screaming could signify your desire to break free from the control of others. The suffocating kitten in the bag could represent a situation in your life that is suffocating you or making you feel trapped. Reviving the kitten could represent your desire to take control of your life and overcome difficult obstacles. The mother cat trying to take your kitten could represent someone or something in your life that is trying to take something from you. The group of people wearing black with the big dog biting your hand could represent a situation that is intimidating you and causing you fear. Telling your dad about the 85 seconds could represent you seeking advice and comfort from someone close to you. The bang after the 85 seconds could symbolize something that happened in your life that was unexpected or a sudden shock.

Tue Nov 21 13:14:31 2023

Dream started off with me entering a restaurant to collect some food. The waitress started speaking with me. I don't remember what we spoke about but at some point she told that she has a free evening the next day. I gave this girl my socials. She and I seemed pretty excited for the date. As I looked on my phone where I must pedal with my bicycle, I realized that the distance I must drive is much further than I have anticipated. Upon this realization I found myself sitting in a car. Looked at the map again and saw skyscrapers where only forests should be in real life.

This dream could indicate that you are feeling hopeful about a new relationship. The restaurant could symbolize a place of coming together, while the waitress could represent someone new and exciting entering your life. The fact that you gave her your socials symbolizes your willingness to take a leap of faith and open yourself up to a new relationship. The car and the map could represent the journey ahead. The further distance than you have anticipated could symbolize the challenges you may face in this new relationship, while the skyscrapers where forests should be could represent the potential growth that the relationship could bring. It could be a sign that you are open to taking a chance and investing in something that could bring greater rewards.

Tue Nov 21 03:42:16 2023

I was in my school with my two of my best friends of seventh grade. But in the next class I found my 11th grade friends. There was a teacher who only knew to speak in my language. Other class children walked in and in the crowdy place I got separated from my place. Later slept in the class kneeling on the bench desk.

This dream symbolizes a feeling of being caught in between two worlds. You are in a place that feels familiar (your school), but the people around you are from different worlds (your 7th grade and 11th grade friends). The teacher speaking only in your language could be a representation of the comfort and security you feel when you are around people who understand you, as opposed to feeling out of place in the chaotic environment of the school. The feeling of being separated from your place and then sleeping on the bench desk may represent feeling lost and overwhelmed, so much so that you cannot even find a safe place to rest.

Mon Nov 20 17:26:13 2023

There was a bunch of people in a camp ground type place, some I knew some I didn't. Some were from a tv show. We were trying to stay dry during a thunderstorm, while protecting frogs, bats, mice and babies from the water and loud noises. Someone made an statement that they were going to be bringing people back from the dead, but you needed to make sure the person wanted to come back. To do this, people were snorting their loved ones ashes. They didn't tell you to later that they only came back for 7 days and then they died again.

This dream is filled with symbolism that speaks to the idea of mortality and second chances. The campground setting can represent a place of transition or a period of growth. The thunderstorm could symbolize a chaotic and turbulent period in your life. The frogs, bats, mice, and babies could symbolize innocence and vulnerability. All of these elements could represent the different parts of yourself that you are trying to protect during a difficult time. The idea of bringing people back from the dead speaks to the idea of second chances and the promise of new beginnings. However, the fact that the people only return for seven days and then die again suggests that not all second chances are meant to last. This could symbolize the idea that although we can try to make changes, ultimately our mortality is inevitable. Snorting the ashes of loved ones could represent the need to honor the past while still continuing to move forward in life.

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Mon Nov 20 14:38:07 2023

Soñé que mi marido estaba en la sala en boxer coqueteando con una conocida la pille a ella tocándole la pierna y los enfrente y la golpeó la amarre y la tire por las escaleras y a él le pegaba en la cara llame al novio de la conocida y está enfurecido pero le dije no pelee por alguien que no vale la pena y lo calme y mi marido no sabía donde esconderse y yo le gritaba cobarde salí y enfrenta el problema y no salía

En este sueño, hay una fuerte carga simbólica. El hecho de que tu marido esté en boxer sugiere que él se siente desprotegido en la relación. Esto se ve reforzado por el hecho de que te enfrentas a la otra mujer y la atas. Esto sugiere que eres una persona protectora en tu relación. Tu llamada al novio de la otra mujer sugiere que estás tratando de controlar la situación. Esto también indica que estás intentando controlar los sentimientos de tu marido. Por último, tu grito de 'cobarde, sal y enfrenta el problema' sugiere que tu marido no está siendo honesto consigo mismo y con la relación. En general, este sueño parece indicar que tu marido está luchando con algunos problemas internos en la relación y que tú estás tratando de ayudarlo a enfrentarlos.

Mon Nov 20 11:38:58 2023

I was in the woods then there was a guy killing people and burying them

This dream could symbolize feeling overwhelmed by a situation or feeling threatened by something. The woods could represent a place of fear and uncertainty, representing the feeling of being trapped in a dangerous situation. The figure of the man killing and burying people could represent a powerful figure or person in your life that you feel is taking advantage of you or is controlling you, hence the feeling of being overwhelmed or threatened. The act of killing could also represent the idea of feeling powerless in the situation, and the burial of the victims could symbolize the feeling of not being able to escape from this situation.

Mon Nov 20 09:41:37 2023

Jumping into a small hotel pool where my love was lounging. As my head went under the water and I opened my eyes, I noticed there were hundreds of little fish in the water. I was grossed out by the sensation of them touching my skin, and when I came up for air they were in my mouth. I had to spit and spit and spit to get them out.

This dream could symbolize a fear of commitment, as well as a fear of being overwhelmed. The pool is a symbol of the relationship, while the little fish are a metaphor for all of the anxieties that come along with relationships. Jumping into the pool implies the dreamer is ready to take the plunge and dive into a new relationship, but the presence of the fish is a reminder of all the potential difficulties that can come with it. The sensation of the fish touching the dreamer's skin could symbolize the fear of being vulnerable with someone else, while the fish in the dreamer's mouth could represent the fear of being overwhelmed by all the emotions that come with a relationship. Finally, the act of spitting out the fish could be a representation of the dreamer's attempt to protect themselves by holding back some of their emotions.

Sun Nov 19 14:05:17 2023

Dreams of puppies that love me, then attacked by a baby tiger from behind

Dreams of puppies can symbolize innocence, pure joy, and unconditional love. The puppies loving you could be interpreted as feeling loved and accepted. It could also be a sign of companionship or loyalty. However, the baby tiger attacking you from behind could symbolize feeling ambushed or vulnerable. It could also mean that you feel threatened or intimidated by something or someone. It could also be a sign of feeling overwhelmed and out of control, as tigers represent power and strength. Alternatively, it could be a sign of feeling trapped or cornered in a situation.

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Sun Nov 19 09:48:03 2023

Ich war in meinem alten Haus , aus welchem ich nach der Scheidung meiner eltern mit meiner Mutter ausgezogen war und nur selten zurückkomme um meinen Vater zu besuchen. Er hat geteilte Sorgerecht meiner Schwester, und sie ist gerade dort und ein Mann, komplett unbekannt aber scheinbar unser Nachbar hat eine Pflanze, welche extremst groß ist und aus dem Nichts heraus angefangen hat, Fleisch zu fressen. Diese wächst extrem schnell, mehrere Meter pro Sekunde und fraßdie Nachbarin das allerdings sehr blutig. Es war wie eine Film Perspektive, denn ich sah das ganze nicht durch Meine Augen war nur dabei. Ich filmte das ganze mit der Nachbarin als Beweis vom Fenster aus in meinem Bett . dann rannte ich runter zu mein Vater meine Schwester ,erzählt es Ihnen .meine kleine Schwester glaubt mir nicht und blieb da.mit meinem Vater welchem ich das Video zeige, bin ich dann eine Etage tiefer zu meinen Großeltern gerannt um die zu warnen.. Wir gehen zu meinem Onkel, welcher sowohl in der realen Welt als auch im Traum dort wohnt, aber er ist im abnehmcamp um sein Leben unter Kontrolle zu bringen. Auf dem Boden liegen geordnete Steuern und er ist nicht da.Ich hole mir eine Jacke und wir rennen zu dem großen weißen Auto, welches meiner Familie gehört. und fahren. In welche Richtung ist unbekannt aber dort endet der Traum. In diesem ganzen Traum kommt meine Mutter kein einziges Mal vor

. In diesem Traum bedeutet das alte Haus, in dem Sie waren, möglicherweise Ihre Familie, die Sie nach der Scheidung zurückgelassen haben. Der unbekannte Mann und die Pflanze, die angefangen hat, Fleisch zu fressen, symbolisieren möglicherweise die schwierige Situation, in die Sie nach der Trennung Ihrer Eltern geraten sind. Die Tatsache, dass Sie das Ganze aus dem Fenster Ihres Bettes aufnehmen, könnte darauf hindeuten, dass Sie bei der Trennung Ihrer Eltern in eine passive Rolle gedrängt wurden und keine Kontrolle über die Situation hatten. Ihr Versuch, Ihrem Vater und Ihrer Schwester von dem zu erzählen, was Sie gesehen haben, könnte bedeuten, dass Sie versucht haben, ihnen die schwierige Situation zu erklären, in der Sie sich befinden. Die Tatsache, dass Ihre Schwester Ihnen nicht glaubt, könnte darauf hindeuten, dass sie die schwierige Situation, in der Sie sich befinden, nicht verstehen. Ihr Versuch, zu Ihren Großeltern zu rennen, um sie zu warnen, könnte darauf hindeuten, dass Sie versuchen, sie vor dem Unheil zu warnen, dass Sie nach der Trennung Ihrer Eltern erlebt haben. Der Onkel, der in der Realität und im Traum dort wohnt, könnte ein Symbol dafür sein, dass Sie sich an ein Familienmitglied wenden, um Hilfe zu erhalten. Die Tatsache, dass er im Abnehmcamp

Sun Nov 19 09:34:21 2023

Ich war in meinem alten Haus und ein Mann hat eine Pflanze, welche extremst groß ist und aus dem Nichts heraus angefangen hat, Fleisch zu fressen. Diese weckte sie extrem schnell, mehrere Meter pro Sekunde und fing an, die Nachbarin zu fressen, allerdings sehr blutig. Es war wie eine Film Perspektive, denn ich sah das ganze nicht durch. Meine Augen war nur dabei. Ich finde das ganze mit der Nachbarin, während ich im Bett lag dann rannte ich runter zu mein Vater meine Schwester erzählt es Ihnen meine Schwester glaubt mir nicht und blieb da meine kleine Zehnjährige Schwester. mit meinem Vater welchem ich das Video zeige, renne ich in das Erdgeschoss , wo meine Großeltern leben und will es ihnen sagen. Wir gehen zu meinem Onkel. Ich hole mir eine Jacke und mein Vater und ich rennen zu dem großen weißen Auto, welches meiner Familie gehört. und fahren. In welche Richtung ist unbekannt aber endet der Traum.

In diesem Traum könnte das alte Haus eine Metapher für die Vergangenheit sein, in der man sich sicherer fühlt. Der Mann mit der Pflanze könnte ein Symbol für eine äußere Bedrohung sein, die man nicht kontrollieren kann. Die Pflanze, die Fleisch fressen kann, könnte eine Verbindung zu einer gefährlichen Situation darstellen, der man sich nicht entziehen kann. Gleichzeitig kann der Tod der Nachbarin als Symbol für eine traumatische Erfahrung stehen, die man in der Vergangenheit gemacht hat. Der Weg nach unten, zu den Großeltern, könnte ein Symbol für die Suche nach Unterstützung und Trost sein, die man in der Vergangenheit erhalten hat. Der Weg zum Onkel, der Jacke und das Auto könnten Symbole für den Versuch sein, die Situation zu bewältigen und Hilfe zu suchen. Die Richtung, in die man fährt, ist unbekannt, aber der Traum endet, wodurch das Gefühl der Unsicherheit und Unwissenheit vermittelt wird.

Sat Nov 18 15:55:32 2023

I was in a circular control center, with a lot of scientists in the room, the room was dimly lit with red light. There were some people wearing AR goggles. I had a feeling that there was an energy source just out of view.

The circular control center in this dream symbolizes the idea of a unity and stability. The scientists present in the room imply that the dreamer is seeking to attain knowledge and insight. The dimly lit red light suggests a sense of urgency and danger, possibly indicating that the dreamer is facing a difficult challenge or decision. The people wearing AR goggles could be a sign of the dreamer's need to become more aware and open to new perspectives and ideas. Finally, the feeling of an energy source just out of view could represent the dreamer's potential to discover and achieve something great, but they must take the initiative and act on their ambition in order to achieve it.

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Sat Nov 18 12:13:00 2023

I went out with friends to a place kind of like a library and was taking photos. When a friend who works there showed us the old library. Then as it was late while leaving the door closed and got locked when one friend was inside. I rushed to tell her as she worked here and would have keys. I accompanied with her went back up to the room. We went to help a friend locked in a room and we saw he was chased by a snake. Then we saw that there were few more people in the room. While trying to get him out with the help of another friend I saw the big snake go to other corner where other people were hiding so we lured the snake to other direction but we accidentally let the big snake get out of room as well. We ran to different directions. But there were many small snakes on the way. When i was hiding from the big snake, watching if it coming a small snake was trying to curl on my hand I got it off my hand. It stood on its tail facing me and I woke up.

The dream could represent feelings of powerlessness and helplessness in the face of a situation that is beyond your control. The library symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and learning. The old library could represent traditional beliefs or values that are no longer relevant. The fact that the door closes and locks could represent being trapped in the situation and unable to find a way out. The friend who works there could represent the knowledge and experience you have to draw on to get out of the situation. The friend who is chased by the snake could represent the feeling of being pursued by something dangerous and threatening. The other people in the room could represent the need to rely on others for help in difficult times. The big snake could represent a fear of the unknown and the small snakes could symbolize the fears and anxieties that come up when facing a difficult situation. Finally, the small snake trying to curl on your hand could represent an awareness of the danger but also the courage to face it.

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Sat Nov 18 06:46:50 2023

In my dream a good friend died and I was attending her memorial service. I was asked if I wanted to say something and I was hesitant because I hate public speaking but had so many good memories and anecdotes to tell. I woke up crying but was relieved it was a dream.

This dream may symbolize a feeling of sadness and regret about missed opportunities. It is likely that in real life, the dreamer has unresolved feelings towards their friend which have not been expressed. The dreamer's hesitation to speak at the memorial service may reflect a fear of expressing their true emotions in public. The dreamer's relief upon waking may signify a sense of guilt for not being able to express their true feelings in a public setting. This dream may also be a reminder to take the time in life to gratitude for those important to us, and to express our true emotions to them.

Fri Nov 17 22:44:24 2023

I was walking to the street as a trans boy ftm (Im assigned female at birth) I always use going to school, then I met three trans girl whom I didn't know in real life but I have already met in real life from the other day in intramurals. The first trans girl said she was sad that her bottom surgery went half baked and left him half of her balls, the other trans girls Mtf was disappointed and advised her to go to a much more better sex change operation clinic like where they did have. Those conversations happened in front of me in broad daylight with me as a trans boy (In real life I don't really want to be categorized as a transgender, as my transmasculine persona is more life my defense mechanism and coping mechanism because I don't want to show the world that I'm still aligning my assigned sex at birth because I think being biological female is weakshit)

In this dream, the symbolism may be reflecting a fear of being seen as non-binary or transgender. The first trans girl in the dream represents the fear of being seen as a transgender person, as her bottom surgery went 'half-baked' and left her with half of her balls. The other trans girls represent the fear of being seen as a MtF, or male to female, trans person, as they advise her to go to a better sex change operation clinic. This may symbolize the dreamer's fear of being seen as transgender or non-binary in real life, as they prefer to maintain their assigned gender at birth even though they use a transmasculine persona as a defense mechanism and coping mechanism. This dream may be indicating that the dreamer is feeling insecure about their gender identity, or that they are struggling to accept themselves for who they are.

Fri Nov 17 22:18:36 2023

I dreamt about the characters from the anime My Next Life As A Villainess and Movie Frozen doing some royal arguments. Marchioness Mary Hunt complained why Duke Keith Claes haven't given her a child/heir, then I saw Duke Keith Claes flashback blushing to Prince Geordo Stuart implying he didn't give her a child cause he's gay. Duke Keith argued to Marchioness Mary that she's still engaged to Prince Alan Stuart, but Prince Alan rebutted that Marchioness Mary broke up their engagement since they're children even the day before yesterday this year, but Prince Hans of Southern Isle was worried and went into the commotion kneeling in order to propose Marchioness Mary to marry him with a small black box containing an emerald, ruby and some black stones bracelet. Prince Hans look disparaging and sad. Then I saw a flashback of him and his brother Prince Lars giving him the black box saying if Marchioness Mary went wrong, he gotta marry her in order to produce a heir. Prince Hans accepted the box and says 'I must keep this from spoilers later.' Prince Alan was somewhat annoyed and Earl Nicol Ascart was just listening in the background, Princess Anna of Arendelle was shocked on what's happening and pointed Queen Elsa of Arendelle where's the commotion. Prince Hans tried to escape outside the palace but buffed Queen Elsa chased and caught him in the dark winter night.

The dream is full of symbolism. The characters from My Next Life As a Villainess and Frozen represent different aspects of the dreamer's life. The Marchioness Mary Hunt represents a part of the dreamer that is in search for an heir or someone to carry on their legacy. Duke Keith Claes represents the dreamer's sexual identity, as his lack of producing a child to the Marchioness implies that he is gay. The Prince Geordo Stuart flashback blushing implies the dreamer's feelings of guilt or confusion about their sexuality. Prince Alan's rebuttal of the Marchioness Mary's broken engagement suggests that the dreamer is trying to move on from someone or something in their life. Prince Hans' kneel in order to propose to the Marchioness with a small black box containing an emerald, ruby, and some black stones bracelet represents the dreamer's attempt to find a way out of their current situation. The Prince Hans' flashback of him and his brother Prince Lars giving him the black box suggests that the dreamer has been influenced by someone to find a way out of their current state. Prince Hans' acceptance of the box and saying 'I must keep this from spoilers later' implies that the dreamer is trying to keep a certain part of their life a secret. Prince Alan's annoyance and Earl Nicol Ascart's listening in the background implies that the dreamer is surrounded by people who are not supportive of their decisions. Princess Anna's shock suggests that the dreamer is in an unfamiliar situation or something that they did not expect. Queen Elsa's chase and capture of Prince Hans in the dark winter night symbolizes the dreamer's struggle with their current situation.

Fri Nov 17 15:11:32 2023

Soñé con. Un agujero negro en el cielo , lo cual me impacta a muchísimo le tome vídeo porque al parecer querían destruirlo estaba vez no me daba tanto miedo que se acabará el mundo o como que pensaba que no se iba a acabar solo se iba a transformar . Antes que eso soñé que me peleaba muy fuerte con mi mamá y mi hermana porque no estábamos de acuerdo con algunas opiniones

. El agujero negro en el cielo representa el caos y la destrucción. Esto significa que hay algo en tu vida que te está causando mucho estrés. La lucha con tu madre y hermana simboliza la lucha con tus propios sentimientos, opiniones y deseos. Estás intentando encontrar un equilibrio entre lo que quieres y lo que los demás esperan de ti. Estás en un momento de transformación y cambio, y no solo se trata de una situación física, sino también emocional. Al final del sueño, el agujero negro se transforma, lo que significa que estás descubriendo nuevas formas de lidiar con tus problemas y encontrar un camino para alcanzar la paz.

Fri Nov 17 12:21:28 2023

había un pasillo oscuro y spreen estaba sentado con una cabeza de unicornio, y había una puerta que tenia una escalera detrás

. This dream is full of symbolism. The dark hallway is likely a representation of a difficult situation in your life. It could be a difficult period of time, or a problem you feel like you can't get out of. The spreen sitting with the unicorn head is likely a symbol of innocence and purity. The spreen is likely a reflection of how you feel inside, while the unicorn head could reflect your desire to escape the darkness and become free. The door with the staircase behind it could symbolize a way out of the darkness. It could represent a new opportunity, or a chance to take a different path and leave the darkness behind.

Thu Nov 16 15:48:06 2023

My friend dreamt of me breaking up with my boyfriend,like it did infact happen a few days ago. In the dream she Comes out as a lesbian which she technically isn't and she asks me to be her girlfriend and my reply was a yes. We got together and starting as any couple would and she'd even give me kisses on the neck.

This dream could be interpreted as your friend's subconscious desire to be with you and to express her feelings for you. It could also be a way of expressing her desire to break free from the social norms and come out as a lesbian. The dream could be your friend's way of showing her support for you in the wake of your break up with your boyfriend. The kiss on the neck could represent the tenderness and closeness your friend has for you, as neck kisses are often seen as a sign of intimacy. The dream could also be expressing your friend's desire to fill the void in your life after your break up with your boyfriend and to be there for you. All in all, it could be said that this dream is a representation of your friend's desire to be there for you and to express her feelings for you, as well as her desire to break free from the social norms and be true to herself.

Thu Nov 16 11:58:52 2023

I dreamed an entire new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. It started with a little girl talking with a man in an attic about the girl's ancestors and how they killed people with a chainsaw. The girl then picks up the chainsaw and says there's going to be an 'adorable chainsaw massacre.' Then she turns into a middle-aged lady and carves a door-shaped hole into the side of the attic, straight into someone's bedroom. She then brutally kills the person sleeping there. Then the woman goes to her son and tells him to kill another person. The son, however, chooses to run away with the person he was supposed to kill. Both pile into a car and speed away. After a bit, while going very fast, they accidentally slam into a police roadblock and go flying into the woods, both dying instantly. It then cuts to a man named Pierre (who looks like Jim Carrey) watching from the woods with binoculars, eating from a pile of popcorn dumped on the floor. Pierre looks straight at the camera. The dream ends.

This dream might symbolize a feeling of being trapped in a situation or cycle you can’t escape, as represented by the attic and the chainsaw. The little girl could be a representation of innocence and naivety, while the middle-aged lady could represent maturity and having to take responsibility for one's actions. The brutal murder of the person in the bedroom could represent a sense of guilt or wrongdoing, while the son running away with the person he was supposed to kill could represent a desire to break free from the cycle and make a new start. The police roadblock that ends up killing them could represent the forces of authority that can prevent us from escaping our current situations, and Pierre watching from the woods with popcorn could represent an observer who is aware of the situation but is powerless to do anything about it.

Thu Nov 16 06:51:15 2023

i was a black cat, riding a red truck with zoo animals inside, such as lions, elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, giraffes, etc. we arrived at a different zoo. i jumped off the truck and ran inside. i ran and then sprang high up, only to land into a shallow fish aquarium and turn into a fish myself. then, as a fish with a blue head and long white body, i saw other fish. one fish, a small light blue one with white whiskers, said that i looked “exquisite” and “very feminine”.

This dream is likely symbolic of a feeling of transformation. The black cat could symbolize a feeling of being trapped and confined in a situation or in one's life, and the truck with the zoo animals could represent the idea of being stuck in life's obstacles and challenges. The arrival at a different zoo could be representative of a desire to find something new or to escape the feeling of being stuck. The transformation into a fish could symbolize the idea of shedding the old and taking on a new identity. The fish with the blue head and long white body could represent the idea of being graceful and feminine, while the small light blue fish with white whiskers could represent a sense of admiration or validation. Overall, this dream could be suggesting a feeling of being stuck in life's challenges, and a desire to break free and take on a new identity.

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Tue Nov 14 11:53:05 2023

I was in the woods with my husband and a stray cat just came up and let us pet him. He had long hair that was all matted up and I felt sorry for him. Someone must have abandoned him and it made me angry. I decided to take him to a veterinarian to have him trimmed up and get him healthy again

The dream symbolizes the dreamer's inner state. The dreamer is feeling sorry and angry for the stray cat, which is a representation of how the dreamer feels about themselves. The dreamer is feeling like someone has abandoned them and that they need to take care of themselves. The husband in the dream is likely a representation of the dreamer's sense of security and support in life, and the fact that the dreamer is in the woods with him suggests that the dreamer is looking for support from their partner in order to take care of themselves. The fact that the stray cat lets them pet it signifies that the dreamer is ready to receive help and support in order to take care of themselves. The matted fur of the cat is likely a representation of the dreamer's current state of being, while the plan to take the cat to the veterinarian and have it trimmed up is a symbol for the dreamer's desire to take care of themselves and get healthy again.

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Mon Nov 13 14:49:06 2023

I have time travel ability with my mother when sometimes we can visit back the 70s era by entering a big mall, and at the blink of eye, the aesthetic and environment of the mall could change from present era to 70s era. The mall aesthetic of 70s era has vintage feels and mostly consist of restaurants on cruise with open view of sea where mostly the customers are upper middle class people. I remember talk to some mixed Indonesian white (which is my country) customers that are students with their teacher and they talk really strange language, which is modern Indonesian language but with combination of sort European lingo (ex. Indonesie). The teacher claim that I, who is a fully blooded Indonesian in real life, a pure English person because of my unfamiliarity with their language and I speak English really well, really different compare to the students. Then, me and my mom decide to time travel again by using Indonesian restaurant chain at mall as portal which turn into 70s aesthetic and environment again. The dream ended with two of us going a many upstairs which is more and more got typical weirdcore / dreamcore vibes compares to 70s.

The dream you have described is quite complex and layered with symbolism. The mall in your dream represents a sense of familiarity and comfort in your life. The fact that it can change from present era to 70s era symbolizes the idea that you are able to look back at the past, but also move forward in life. The atmosphere of the mall in the 70s era being vintage and consisting of restaurants on cruise with open view of sea suggests a feeling of luxury and privilege. This could be a reflection of your own current life and the opportunities you have been able to experience. The interaction with the Indonesian white customers and their teacher in the dream could represent a feeling of being an outsider or an unfamiliarity with a certain situation. The teacher claiming that you are a pure English person because of your unfamiliarity with their language could be a sign of wanting to escape from your current identity or situation. Finally, the dream ending with you and your mother going upstairs which is more and more got typical weirdcore/dreamcore vibes compared to 70s could be a sign of wanting to explore something new and different. This could be a reflection of wanting to explore new ideas and take chances in life.

Mon Nov 13 13:24:13 2023

puedes interpretar este sueño 'soñé que tenía 2 planes para una misma hora, jugar futbol e ir al cine, fui con mis amigos a jugar futbol, la pase bien 5 minutos y luego me fui, pero en el camino fui a recoger algo a la universidad , entré y absolutamente todo estaba oscuro hasta que en el segundo piso llego y le estan celebrando el cumpleaños a una amiga, evento del que no sabía o no me acordaba, le di unas palabras con el microfono y me tuve que ir.'

En este sueño, el simbolismo puede reflejar la idea de que estás tratando de satisfacer dos de tus deseos al mismo tiempo, el de divertirte con tus amigos jugando al fútbol y el de asistir a un evento especial, como un cumpleaños. Tu decisión de ir primero al fútbol podría reflejar tu deseo de satisfacer primero tus necesidades de diversión y conexión social. El hecho de que dejas el fútbol después de 5 minutos puede indicar que estás tratando de satisfacer ambos deseos, pero no estás comprometido con ninguno de ellos. Al ir a la universidad, encuentras el cumpleaños, lo que podría simbolizar que has encontrado una oportunidad para conectar con tus amigos y disfrutar de la vida. Sin embargo, a pesar de que le das unas palabras con el micrófono, te tienes que ir, lo que podría reflejar tu sentimiento de no ser capaz de satisfacer ambos deseos al mismo tiempo.

Mon Nov 13 06:58:07 2023

i went into the kitchen. my mum was there, and i had a mug in my hand to make tea. i put hot water in the mug and put in the tea bag. then i went to the living room, and saw that the table had a chocolate bar on it. i opened the wrapper and there were two chocolate bars inside. so i took one bar, left the other inside, and went back to the kitchen. near the stove, there was a raccoon sitting and rubbing its hands together. i petted the raccoon and then gave it a piece of my chocolate bar

. This dream can have several interpretations, depending on the context of the dreamer. Generally speaking, the dream is likely to symbolize a need for comfort and connection. The kitchen can represent the dreamer's home, and the presence of the mother could indicate the dreamer's need for emotional support. The mug with the tea bag may symbolize a desire to protect and take care of oneself; the presence of the chocolate bar may represent a need for comfort and sweetness in life. Lastly, the raccoon may symbolize a desire for companionship or connection with others; by giving it a piece of the chocolate bar, the dreamer could be expressing a desire to share their comfort and sweetness with others.

Sun Nov 12 15:54:17 2023

I went to the beach and I was undecided if I was going to swim or not. When I got there my sister was there and was swimming with lots of people. I took my clothes off to swim too then realized I was not wearing a swimsuit. I saw my sister look at me embarrassed but she diid not mention it. I started to explain that I forgot and then I thought to myself “I don’t really care, let people think what they want to”. But I was embarrassed. A little girl came up behind me and grabbed me and I reflexively shoved her away. I was afraid people would get angry with me but I was secretly thinking she should not have grabbed me My brother showed up and a hurricane was coming. We three decided to wait out the hurricane at the beach.my brother laid a blanket on the sand and said he was going to stay right there.when I saw tons of black clouds and wind I got scared and decided to go hom, feeling bad about leaving my siblings. I was home with my mom and the clouds looked very scary, trees were falling over.i saw something in the sky that looked like a planet hurling toward earth and there was an explosion. My brother called and said he had found a man that let him stay in his house for safety. My brother said, “he is a feminine man but it’s still better than having to stay with a woman” I began writing a letter with my name on it and asking that if anyone finds my body to please pray for me.

This dream is filled with symbolism that suggests feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. The beach symbolizes a place of transition and change, and the fact that you are undecided whether or not to swim suggests a feeling of apprehension or fear about taking a risk. Your sister swimming with lots of people could symbolize that you feel out of your depth in certain situations, while forgetting your swimsuit could be a sign that you feel exposed and that other people are judging you. The little girl grabbing you could represent an unwelcome intrusion into your personal space, while the hurricane could symbolize the overwhelming emotions you are struggling to manage. Your brother's comment about the masculine man could be a sign that you feel like you are not in control of your own life and are relying on the guidance of others. Finally, writing a letter with your name on it could suggest that you feel like you are losing touch with your own identity.

Sat Nov 11 17:05:27 2023

Me and my friend were hanging out with these highschool kids who I've never seen before and we were going to watch a movie, me and my friend were just having a good time like always but we realized we were super bored and asked the highschool kids if they have alcohol, I think in the dream I knew the highschool kids because they seemed to care about me very much, they handed me the bottle and me and my friend chugged it and gave it back. One of the highschool kids said that we drank it all and I promised to pay her back even though I knew I didn't have the money, we walked out of the movie theater and me and my friend started laughing while running and screaming and she said that it was her first alcoholic drink, but it's not my first alcoholic drink. We started laughing and making jokes saying that she was finally free now and we saw this beautiful field of flowers and the setting changed from dark to light and we began rolling around in the field of flowers while screaming that it was her first time drinking.

This dream could be interpreted as a symbol of your own transition from childhood into adulthood. The highschool kids in the dream could represent the idea of growing up, as they are older than you and your friend, and they care about you. The alcohol could symbolize the freedom and maturity that comes with reaching adulthood. The movie theater could represent the restrictions and rules of childhood, and the field of flowers could symbolize the joy and freedom that comes with adulthood. The fact that your friend is having her first alcoholic drink could mean that she is moving into adulthood with you, and you are both enjoying the newfound freedom it brings. Ultimately, this dream symbolizes the transition from childhood into adulthood, and the joy that comes with it.

Thu Nov 9 10:25:20 2023

I have sort of warm light hearted family gathering in a dimly yellow lit living room of my old childhood home while sitting and lying on floor. I laid on floor while wear my favorite hoodie when suddenly, my favorite YouTuber enter the room with film equipment. He was doing livestream of his game playthrough in the gathering until he show his camera towards me, wants me to greet his viewers. With full of happiness, I greet all of them in livestream, telling them how much I love all of them and send them much love to his viewers. I also saw the comments reaction on my appearance on livestream with my phone, with many viewers being touched and also awe with how could my kindness touch all of their hearts. Some of viewers reply this from Christian perspective, showing that it's all because of God showing his love first at us with number of motivating bible verses appear on comments to remind each of the viewers.

The dream symbolizes a sense of connection and belonging. The warm and light-hearted family gathering in the dimly lit room of your childhood home symbolizes a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment. The sense of comfort is further enhanced by the presence of your favorite hoodie. The presence of your favorite YouTuber with film equipment indicates that you are open to sharing your life with others and willing to be seen and heard. The fact that you greet the viewers with happiness and love reflects your desire to connect with others and remind them of their worth. The comments from the viewers, with Christian references and motivating bible verses, suggests that you are looking for a deeper connection with the divine. Ultimately, the dream is a reminder that you are part of a larger community and are surrounded by love and support from both God and fellow human beings.

Thu Nov 9 03:07:26 2023

I was working in a very shady company. I went to see the workers cottages, they are so dark and everyone there was very hopeless. I asked a man where are the washrooms, he showed me a open toilet. When I pointed it out, he creepily given me a smile. That man is bald and I don't know there's something evil about him. Later, my boss has taken me to what's really bothering this company. He took me to a parking lot and started leaving bread crumbs then slowly a creature started appearing in the shadows, with every step it took, it took different forms. At one point it looked at me and I started hiding. I went so far away and alerted a man there(not my boss) to not give any signs that I was here. Nonetheless, the creature came to me in a black cat form and man's so chill about it. I was so fucking scared. After that, my family came. Even the ones that are not in my city and country came to see me. I was talking with them how it was so scary and how will be able to sleep in the cottage but I'm glad that you guys are here now I can sleep at home because I think the company's also giving me 3 months holidays...

The dream appears to be a symbolic representation of the fear and anxiety of working in an unfamiliar and shady company. The dark cottages and hopeless people represent the negative atmosphere of the company, while the bald man symbolises the feeling of being watched and judged by the company's higher ups. The open toilet could represent feeling exposed and vulnerable, while the bread crumbs may represent the feeling of being trapped in the company and having to take small steps to escape. The creature in the shadows could symbolise the fear of the unknown that comes with working in a new place, and its changing forms may represent the uncertainty of the situation. The black cat form and the man's calmness may symbolise the idea that even though the situation may seem daunting, it is nothing to be scared of. Finally, the presence of family from far away could represent the idea that even though the situation may seem difficult, you can always rely on your loved ones for support.

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Thu Nov 9 02:46:11 2023

soñe que estaba en mi cama de costado y no podia moverme mas que para hablar, pero recuerdo que cuando hable escuche una voz muy cerca mio que decia, mejor descanza, de ahi senti de a poco como empezaba a crecer el panico no pude voltear a ver quien dijo eso por mi paralizis era de noche y lo hacia mas tenebroso

The symbolism in this dream suggests a feeling of paralysis and fear. It could be interpreted as a feeling of being trapped or stuck in a situation that you cannot move or escape from. The darkness of night, a traditionally symbolic time of fear and uncertainty, further reinforces this idea. The voice that says “better rest” could be seen as a sign of a feeling of being overwhelmed or helpless, with the only option being to take a break or rest in order to keep going. On a deeper level, it could also be interpreted as a call to take some time away from the situation and to refocus your energy and attention on yourself and your own needs.

Tue Nov 7 15:31:51 2023

Seeing a purple anime doll that i brought for my litte brother.

This dream could symbolize the special bond you have with your younger brother. The purple color of the anime doll could symbolize the love and compassion between you and your brother. It could also represent the nurturing and protective nature of your relationship. The anime doll could represent your brother's interests and the fact that you took the time to get him something special could show that you care for him deeply. Furthermore, it could be a reflection of your own inner child, reminding you to take time to enjoy your life and to foster your creativity.

Tue Nov 7 15:30:53 2023


This dream appears to be representative of a desire for attention. The repetition of the word 'meow' likely symbolizes a desire to be heard and seen. The sound of the meows are a way of calling out for attention, and the repetition of the sound creates a sense of urgency. The sound of the 'moemwoemwoemwoemwoew' could be a representation of feeling unheard and unseen, which is further accentuated by the lack of response to the initial meowing. This dream could be indicative of feeling neglected or ignored in waking life, and a need to be heard and seen.

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Tue Nov 7 11:13:34 2023

Soñar q tocan duro y escuchas los toques y despiertas

This dream could symbolize an underlying feeling of unease and fear about a certain situation. The hard knocking could represent a sense of urgency or pressure that is causing the dreamer to feel overwhelmed and anxious. The fact that the dreamer wakes up after hearing the knocking could suggest that the dreamer is aware of the tension and is looking for a way to escape it. This dream could be an indication that the dreamer needs to take some time to reflect on the situation and to take action to resolve it. It could be an opportunity for the dreamer to take control of the situation and to find a way to move forward.

Tue Nov 7 04:57:15 2023

I had a dream about siting with my loved girl on a cliff with a lake and broken but large castle beside.

In this dream, the cliff symbolizes a point of no return in one's life. It's a place where one can look back and see the past, while simultaneously looking ahead to the future. The lake indicates a vast and unknown expanse of possibilities. It can also be seen as a place of reflection and contemplation. The broken castle is a reminder of the fragility of life. It's a reminder that no matter how strong and solid something may seem, it can always be broken. It's a reminder that we must appreciate the moments we have now and make the best of them. Ultimately, this dream is a reminder to cherish our loved ones and make the most of our time together.

Mon Nov 6 05:43:06 2023

i had a dream that 3 black shadow coming towards me while i was sleeping. I was very frightened and started screaming. When I open my eyes, I started to cry and my parents confronted me

The dream could symbolize fear of the unknown or something that you can’t control. The black shadows could represent the fears you’re feeling, and the fact that they were coming towards you could mean that you feel like you’re being overwhelmed by them. The fact that you were screaming and crying when you woke up could mean that you’re feeling a lot of anxiety about this fear. The presence of your parents could mean that you’re looking for support and help in dealing with this fear.

Sun Nov 5 11:13:28 2023

so i got a morning dream where in first i saw my friend madhav he said something and the went then after that i saw my bestfriends bestie sahib he asked me out and i just kissed him

Dreams often contain symbols that can help you decipher the meaning behind them. In this dream, there are a few symbols that are likely to be significant. The first symbol is your friend Madhav. He may represent the idea of loyalty and friendship, as his presence in the dream suggests that you value him and his opinion. The second symbol is your best friend's bestie, Sahib. His presence may symbolize the idea of love and romance since he asked you out and the dream ended with a kiss. This symbol could also represent the idea of taking a risk in order to pursue something you desire. Finally, the fact that the dream took place in the morning may be symbolic of new beginnings and the potential for growth, suggesting that this dream could be a sign that taking a risk and pursuing love is worth it.

Fri Nov 3 16:09:00 2023

I dreamed that kevin hernandez my crush was at my apartment balcony with two os his best friends and his friends were like esther kevin want' to tell you something I came and sat down and then I asked kevin what do you want to tell me he just smiled, I asked again he smiled his friends were like kevin come on talk, he was just smiling the entire time, and then I got up and went to the kitchen and then I heard kevin whispering to his two best friend I have feeling for her. What does the dream mean, Why was Kevin smiling when I asked what he wanted to tell me, why was Kevin just smiling at me? WHy did kevin whispered to his two best friends.. Why were his friends were encouragin him. Why did kevin whispered to his ffrineds instead of telling me? And how does it relate to my life. Or how will it relate go my lifz

The dream symbolizes that Kevin has romantic feelings for you. He was smiling at you because he was trying to tell you how he feels, but he was too shy and nervous to do it directly. His two best friends were encouraging him to tell you because they could see that he wanted to. He whispered to them because he was embarrassed to tell you directly. This dream is likely related to your current feelings and desires. You may be hoping that Kevin has similar feelings for you, and it could be that you would like to build a relationship with him. It is also possible that the dream is a reflection of your own shyness and hesitation when it comes to expressing your feelings. Either way, the dream is a sign that you should take the initiative and talk to Kevin about your feelings.

Thu Nov 2 15:46:39 2023

I was giving vaccines to patients and a patient came in and said some nasty things to a coworker so I said some nasty things back and got fired. I felt resistant and guilt but acceptance at the same time. I ran to the ocean after getting fired and got in a small brown boat and went out to sea where lighting started striking all around me, never hitting me. I had a baby with me. I was hysterically laughing in liberation and madness. I made it back to shore and my friends took me back to their place but I felt unwanted and misplaced.

In this dream, the act of giving vaccines is a symbol for taking responsibility. The patient's nasty words to the coworker may represent a difficult situation at work or in life in general that you feel you should take responsibility for but cannot. Your response to the patient and subsequent firing symbolize a sense of guilt and resistance to accepting it. The ocean may represent a vast sense of freedom, while the small brown boat is a symbol of protection as you venture out into the unknown. The lightning striking around you but never hitting you indicates a sense of safety in a dangerous situation, suggesting that you will be able to find a way out of your situation. The baby in the boat is a representation of the vulnerability and fragility of life, and the hysterical laughter is a sign of liberation from your sense of entrapment. Your friends taking you back to their place symbolizes support from people in your life, though you still feel unwanted and misplaced.

Tue Oct 31 13:32:42 2023

Жабы дышит огнем на ребенка

Этот сон очень значимый и пышный символизм. Жабы - это ассоциация с чем-то неудобным, дерзким и нежелательным. Они дышат огнем на ребенка, что может обозначать чувство беспомощности и страха перед неведомыми, неожиданными ситуациями, которые могут принести неприятности. Также может быть источником тревоги, когда вокруг происходят неприятности, которые могут повлиять на детей. В целом, этот сон говорит о чувствах страха и неуверенности в будущем и необходим

Tue Oct 31 03:46:10 2023

My dad frnd daughter I know her Werywell she call me brother but i like her were much I got a love on her but i didn't told to her

This dream likely symbolizes underlying feelings and unspoken desires that the dreamer has for the friend of their father. The dreamer likely feels a strong connection to this person and has romantic feelings for them, although they have not expressed these feelings yet. It is possible that the dream is trying to communicate to the dreamer that they should take a chance and tell the person how they feel, or that they should try to get to know them better. Symbolically, the dream is suggesting that the dreamer should take a risk and open up about their feelings in order to have a chance at a romantic connection with this person.

Mon Oct 30 05:21:18 2023

Some friends and I loaded carpet into a vehicle then layed it out in the chapel. Upon leaving we shared a long sandwich with live salamanders.

The dream is likely symbolic of a journey to a spiritual place. The friends in the dream can symbolize the support and companionship needed to undertake a spiritual journey. The carpet being loaded into the vehicle represents the energy and resources needed to complete the journey. The chapel is a place of worship and gathering, possibly indicating the dreamer's desire to join a spiritual community or tradition. The sharing of the long sandwich with live salamanders indicates the dreamer's willingness to open up and share their spiritual journey with others. This could be interpreted as a sign of trust and understanding, and a desire for a connection to the divine.

Sat Oct 28 08:33:57 2023

Ich fahre Auto und komme in das Ende des Staus rein und muss abbremsen. Vor mir ein Motorrad. Ich sehe, dass der Motorradfahrer durch seinen Helm mich im Spiegel beobachtet. Ich sehe seine blauen Augen und erkenne sofort, dass es sich um meine große Liebe handelt, zu der ich kein Kontakt mehr habe. er klappt sein Helm auf, nimmt seinen Helm ab. Steigt von seinem Motorrad, rennt auf mich zu, Nimmt seinen Helm ab, ich sehe, dass er weint, dass er ganz schrecklich weint. Wir schauen uns tief in die Augen. Ich steige aus dem Auto. Wir schauen uns tief in die Augen, Er hält zärtlich meine Wangen mit seinen Händen und küsst mich ganz innig. Danach dreht er sich um, steigt auf sein Motorrad, setzt seinen Helm auf und fährt weiter. Ich stehe da, schaue ihm nach und muss auch weinen.

In diesem Traum symbolisiert das Auto die Reise des Träumenden durch das Leben. Der Stau symbolisiert ein Hindernis oder ein Problem, das der Träumende überwinden muss, um weiterzukommen. Der Motorradfahrer repräsentiert die große Liebe des Träumenden, mit der er keinen Kontakt mehr hat. Die blauen Augen symbolisieren die tiefe Verbindung zwischen den beiden. Der Abnehmen des Helmes ist ein Zeichen dafür, dass der Motorradfahrer bereit ist, seine Gefühle zu zeigen. Der innige Kuss symbolisiert die Wiederherstellung der Beziehung zwischen den beiden und die Wiedergeburt der Liebe. Der Weg des Motorradfahrers symbolisiert, dass er weitergehen wird und dass der Träumende ihn gehen lassen muss. Schließlich symbolisiert das Weinen des Träumenden die Trauer über die Trennung.

Sat Oct 28 08:24:28 2023

Ich komme am frühen Abend in der Dämmerung nach Hause.Das Licht ist das Licht ist drin wie draußen. Wunderschön. Ich bin eher in einer unangenehmen, zickigen Haltung. Ich treffe auf meiner meine Mutter in meinem Elternhaus. Ich bin der überzeuge, meine Mutter, hat Geburtstag ich gratuliere ihr aber nicht. Ich merke, wie sehr das meine Mutter verletzt. Man verstopft mein bereits verstorbener Vater geht an uns mehrmals vorbei, beachtet uns aber nicht. Meine Mutter ist verletzt, sie teilt es mir mit, und geht am frühen Abend ins Bett. Ich bin allein im Haus, dann fühle mich alleine. Es tut mir weh und leid, dass ich meiner Mutter nicht zum Geburtstag gratuliert habe. Ich fühle mich kurzer Zeit später schlecht .

Der Traum spiegelt eine tiefe Gefühlserfahrung wieder. Das Symbol der Dämmerung deutet auf eine Zeit der Veränderung und des Wandels hin. Die zickige Haltung symbolisiert eine innere Abwehr gegenüber den neuen Situationen, die sich in der Veränderung ergeben. Dass es das eigene Elternhaus ist, in dem der Traum stattfindet, deutet auf den Wunsch nach Sicherheit und Geborgenheit hin, aber auch auf eine Sehnsucht nach einer Verbindung zu den Eltern, vor allem zur Mutter. Der überraschende Besuch des verstorbenen Vaters wird als eine Art Warnung gedeutet, dass das Verhältnis zur Mutter nicht auf die leichte Schulter genommen werden soll. Die Tatsache, dass der Traumende seiner Mutter nicht zum Geburtstag gratulieren kann, bezeugt ein schlechtes Gewissen und ein schlechtes Gefühl, das er deswegen empfindet. Der Traum endet mit der Einsamkeit des Traumenden, was ein Gefühl der Einsamkeit und Traurigkeit widerspiegelt. Der Traum symbolisiert eine tiefe emotionale Erfahrung des Traumenden, die auf ein schlechtes Gewissen und eine tiefe Sehnsucht nach einer innigen Verbindung mit seiner Mutter hindeutet. Es ist wichtig, dass der Traumende seine Gefühle erkennt und sich bewusst macht, dass er seiner Mutter mit Respekt und Liebe begegnen sollte. Der Traum symbolisiert eine tiefe emotionale Erfahrung des

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Sat Oct 28 04:00:29 2023

Me and a couple of other guys were told to pretend to be a priest in a car with some strangers. Then we were wearing priest robes as we were going to a church for mass with a group of teenagers. At the mass we each placed an envelope with our sermons at the altar, but before we entered the church I told a girl which I found sexually attractive to give me a photo of herself, I said I needed it for inspiration and that I would give it back to her. I lied, knowing I just wanted to jerk off to it. I think she knew, because she just giggled as she was handing it over. I think she liked it though.

The dream is likely an expression of your inner struggle between your desire for sexual gratification and your expectations for yourself as a moral person. The priest robes are symbolic of the moral principles and expectations that you may feel you need to abide by. You wanting the photo of the girl is symbolic of your sexual desires, which you know you shouldn't act upon, but still desire. The girl's giggle implies that she is aware of your underlying intentions, but there is still a hint of her finding it attractive. The envelopes with your sermons suggest that you are attempting to do the right thing, and the church setting suggests that you are trying to seek some sort of spiritual guidance and solace in your own inner struggle.

Sat Oct 28 03:19:11 2023

I had a dream about a fish tank which is broken and I don't know that it is broken I just saw the water is leaking and I tried to fix the fish tank and I call my sister to help me then she comes and help me after that I know that the fish tank side glass is fully broken... After that my sister said ohh it's broken that's why the water is leaking and she put the fish tank there itself and leaving without helping the fishes to move to another tank and I yelled at her for what she does .. there are fishes inside the tank we need to help that fishes to change into Another tank ... After that my dream changed

Dreams are often a reflection of the unconscious mind, and this dream appears to be highlighting a lack of awareness and understanding of a current situation in your life. The fish tank could be a metaphor for a situation in which you are, or have been, invested. The broken tank could represent a lack of trust, or betrayal, by someone you know or you may be feeling overwhelmed and helpless in an unstable or uncertain situation. The leaky water could symbolize the feeling that you can no longer contain or control your emotions, and that you are unable to make the necessary changes to move forward. The fact that you call your sister to help you could represent your need for emotional support in a difficult situation. Her refusal to help the fish also indicates her lack of understanding or concern for your situation. Finally, the act of yelling at her could indicate your frustration that she is not helping you. Overall, it appears that this dream is highlighting a lack of understanding and support in your current situation and is encouraging you to take control of it and make the necessary changes to move forward.

Fri Oct 27 04:55:22 2023

I am walking down the street and there is a zebra crossing, and from the other emd of the crossing, afriend that I feel like I know from the past waves at me and tells me to come over. When I do, she hugs me and says, did you miss me? I say no, and she says that my boner says otherwise . Ifeel like I jave to watch what I say because there is another girl with me, who is listening, and could feel hirt If I say something wrong

. This dream symbolizes the reconnection that you feel with someone from your past. The zebra crossing could represent the transition between your past and present, as you move between the two. The friend that you feel like you know from the past could represent a sense of nostalgia and longing for times gone by. The hug that she gives you could signify the comfort and familiarity that you feel when you are reunited. The fact that she asks you if you missed her could be an indication of the strong bond that you still have with this person, even after all these years apart. The way that you respond with 'no' could signify your fear of expressing your true feelings as you feel the need to be cautious of what you say in front of the other girl. This could be a reflection of the inner conflict that you feel between being honest with your friend and not wanting to hurt the other girl's feelings.

Mon Oct 23 15:41:12 2023

I witness my little sister announce on auditorium stage during big event that she have a boyfriend who stands next to her and she looks younger than her current age (20 years old), like during her elementary school years on 3rd or 4th grade. What I remember that they also give each other quick kiss. Then, another scene coming up, when I follow sort of important youth program on another region and me and some of the participants, all of them are males around my age, went into helicopter to fly to destination of my program. The helicopter were in form of golf car with transparent walls first which when start to take off, it slowly transform into helicopter. The pilot flew the helicopter like driver of regular car instead flying vehicles.

In this dream, your little sister represents youthful innocence and naivety, which is evident in her announcement of having a boyfriend and her seeming age regression to when she was in elementary school. The kiss between them could symbolize the beginnings of a love relationship, which is a major milestone in life. The helicopter scene could be interpreted as a representation of the transition from innocence and naivety to adulthood and responsibility. The transformation of the golf car into a helicopter could represent the dreamer's personal transformation from a young person to an adult, and the pilot driving it like a regular car symbolizes the dreamer's lack of experience in navigating adulthood. It could also indicate that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed by the expectations that society has placed upon them, and that they are uncertain of how to proceed.

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Sat Oct 21 02:44:57 2023

Soñe que un pajarito de color amarillo y negro se posaba en mís manos y luego se fue a dónde mi hijo y se encondio entre su ropa

Este sueño puede simbolizar una sensación de protección. El pajarito amarillo y negro simboliza la dualidad entre luz y oscuridad, ya sea en términos de emociones o situaciones. El hecho de que el ave se posara en tus manos representa que te estás abriendo a la posibilidad de recibir la ayuda y la protección del universo. El hecho de que el ave luego se fuera a donde tu hijo sugiere que estás buscando un sentido de seguridad para tu familia. El hecho de que se ocultara entre la ropa de tu hijo representa un deseo de buscar seguridad para tu familia a través de la protección divina.

Fri Oct 20 12:57:15 2023

Soñé que mi pareja se convertía en un monstruo, era una persona demasiado violenta que tenía dientes muy afilados. Al principio, dormíamos juntos, coloqué mi mano en su boca de repente y la mordió hasta casi arrancarla, dolió mucho. Luego la ví y su cara tenía una cicatriz alrededor de su boca, como si se hubiera arrancado la piel y se la hubieran vuelto a coser. Luego tomó un cuchillo y comenzó a atacarme, cortando mi cara y mi boca hasta hacer una gran sonrisa con el cuchillo. Estaba completamente loca. Tuve varias escenas en el mismo sueño y en todo momento ella quería pelear, gritaba con desespero y me atacaba con el cuchillo en todo momento. Yo no me iba a de su lado, no era capaz de hacerlo.

Este sueño contiene un importante simbolismo. El monstruo representa la parte más oscura de la pareja que has descrito, una parte que prefiere la violencia y el enfrentamiento. El morder tu mano simboliza la agresión que tu pareja te inflige verbalmente o físicamente; los dientes afilados simbolizan la profundidad de los sentimientos negativos que hay en tu pareja. La cicatriz alrededor de la boca significa que hay una herida profunda en la relación, que no ha sanado y que sigue causando dolor. El hecho de usar un cuchillo para atacarte simboliza que tu pareja no está dispuesta a discutir o arreglar las cosas con palabras, sino que prefiere usar la violencia. La gran sonrisa con el cuchillo también simboliza la violencia y el deseo de tu pareja de herirte. Por último, el hecho de que no puedes alejarte de tu pareja, a pesar de la violencia que ejerce sobre ti, simboliza que hay algo que te ata a ella, aunque sea una relación destructiva y dolorosa.

Thu Oct 19 17:18:44 2023

Ich laufe durch eine Wüste aus Stein, die der Mondoberfläche ähnelt. In einem Krater treffe ich eine rießiege graue Schildkröte (ca. 10m hoch, 50m lang, 30m breit), neben der Schildkröte steht ein typischer Eiswagen, der mit nasser matschiger Zeitung gefüllt ist. Hinter den Eiswagen steht ein Italiener oder Spanier. Ich kaufe mir den ganzen Zeitungsmatsch und fütter damit die Schildkröte.

Die Wüste aus Stein könnte auf eine unerfüllte Sehnsucht hinweisen, während die Ähnlichkeit mit der Mondoberfläche symbolisiert, dass man die Sehnsucht nicht erfüllen kann. Die riesige Schildkröte könnte auf eine ältere, weise Person hinweisen, die einem Rat gibt. Der Eiswagen und der matschige Zeitungsmatsch könnten auf eine neue Erfahrung oder eine neue Chance hinweisen, aber auch die Notwendigkeit, sich nass zu machen, um etwas zu erreichen. Der Italiener oder Spanier hinter dem Eiswagen könnte auf ein neues Abenteuer oder einen neuen Beginn hinweisen. Das Füttern der Schildkröte mit dem Zeitungsmatsch könnte symbolisch für das Einnehmen eines Chancen bedeuten, die man erhalten hat.

Thu Oct 19 13:58:57 2023

I had a dream that i was eating an apple, but after I few bites i see that the apple had a long tape worm coming out of the other end. I drop the apple and see my mom. I asked tell her that the apple had a tapeworm, and she 'replies I forgot to tell you'. I get angry and wake up

In this dream, the apple symbolizes knowledge or insight. Eating it can mean that you are learning something or gaining some kind of enlightenment. The tapeworm could represent a hidden truth or something that has been kept from you. Your mother's response could mean that she knows something that she has not shared with you yet. The anger you feel in the dream could symbolize frustration or betrayal. It could also reflect the feeling of being left in the dark or not being told the whole story. Ultimately, the dream could be suggesting that there is something that you need to uncover or that you need to ask more questions in order to get the full picture.

Thu Oct 19 10:32:42 2023

I dreamt I was sitting outside with my siblings, Then I saw a big bird catch a small bird and landed close to me. So I rush and rescue the small bird , then instantly that big bird fly up and Catch another second small bird . So I rush again and save the small bird , then that big bird fly again and catch another third small bird ,for the third time I rescued the bird from that big bird

. Dreams can be symbolic of our life and the relationships we have with others. In this dream, the big bird symbolizes a powerful force that is taking advantage of the weaker, smaller birds. It could represent a person or situation in your life that is overpowering and taking away your resources or trying to control you. The fact that you rescued the birds each time could represent your own resilience in the face of adversity. It could be a message from your subconscious that you are strong enough to overcome the obstacles before you and protect yourself from anything that may try to take away from you. It could also be a reminder that you should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your resources from those who may be trying to take advantage of you.

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Wed Oct 18 01:46:38 2023

J’ai rêvé que j’étais au bac donc jusqu’ici tout va bien. Ensuite je commence à faire une crise d’angoisse donc je me barre en courant c’est tout. Je me barre en courant dans le lycée. Ensuite je me réfugie dans une classe. C’était une classe de STMG avec des profs de STMG j’étais un peu en mode zombie genre je tenais pas debout j’avais les yeux fixés et tout c’était bizarre. Les profs ont dit « elle essaye d’attirer l’attention on s’en occupe pas c’est un zombie » donc c tout après je m’écroule par terre ils me calculent pas. Je repars. Je vois la prof d’italien dans le bureau de la cpe, ça parlait de moi. La cpe lui disait « oui lucie a fait bcp de tentatives de suicide, il faut faire attention à elle elle a certains problèmes » al prof d’italien lui répond que je me sentais pas bien qu’elle la remarque. Ensuite elle se retourne elle me voit elle vient me parler elle me demande c’est quoi mes problèmes et je commence à fondre en larmes dans les bras de la prof d’italien jpppppppp. Elle me pzrle de mon exclusion et tt jai pas compris comment elle avait été au courant mais bref Ensuite je repars chez moi je dors sur un matelas dans le couloir à côté de la chambre de mes parents et je commence à m’allumer 3 clopes d’un coup consécutives. Non mais là meuf une grosse folle jpp. Ensuite ma mère se lève elle voit un briquet elle capte direct elle m’engueule.

Le rêve que vous avez fait peut symboliser votre anxiété et votre sentiment d'être exclu. La crise d'angoisse que vous avez eu est une manifestation physique de votre anxiété et le fait que vous vous enfuiez en courant peut symboliser votre volonté de vous échapper de cette situation. La classe de STMG et les professeurs qui vous ignorent est une image de votre sentiment d'être exclu et invisible. La prof d'italien qui apprend votre situation et vous parle peut représenter un sentiment de compassion et de soutien. Enfin, le fait de fumer des cigarettes consécutives et d'être réprimandé par votre mère peut symboliser le fait que vous essayez de vous apaiser par vous-même, mais que cela ne fonctionne pas et ne fait que vous mettre dans une situation plus difficile.

Tue Oct 17 20:22:22 2023

i had a dream were i were passing a weekend on a house of a different family with several other people. I didn't talk to anyone until i go to a certain part of the house were the family was there, i told them that i had a lot of negative experience and bad luck then they told me to give a cookie to an double headed cow statue, first i got frighten but then agree and when i did it they told me i were going to be sacrificed. So i say 'And you expect to me to just roll and die?!' i adopt a boxing stance and start fighting a little be the family then i escape and tell everyone about it, some people know this and others don't and everyone started to fight each other

This dream could be symbolic of a situation in your life in which you are feeling overwhelmed. The house in the dream could represent your home, and the different family could represent unfamiliar people or situations that you are faced with. The negative experiences and bad luck could symbolize a difficult time in your life that you are struggling to cope with. The double headed cow statue could represent a power imbalance that is preventing you from expressing yourself and asking for help. When the family says you are going to be sacrificed, it could be a metaphor for feeling powerless and unable to escape from the situation. The boxing stance could represent your strength and determination to fight against this feeling of powerlessness and take back control of your life. Finally, the people fighting each other could symbolize the inner conflict you may be dealing with, as well as the stress of trying to explain the situation to others without them understanding.

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Tue Oct 17 14:29:53 2023

Je suis dans une zone extérieur urbaine, avec une cinquantaine de personnes, un compte à rebours se finit et on doit courir se cacher et s'armer. A la fin du second compte à rebours une centaine de singes tueurs viendront nous tué. Je menfuie et laisse ma mère et une amie derrière moi car elles sont trop lentes, je cours le plus vite possible et part me cacher dans la forêt après avoir trouver un couteau de boucher. Derrière moi des personnes se font déchiqueté par les singes.

Dans ce rêve, le symbolisme est très riche. La zone extérieure urbaine représente le monde réel avec ses dangers et ses difficultés. La cinquantaine de personnes pourrait symboliser le groupe social ou le groupe familial dans lequel on se trouve. Les comptes à rebours sont une métaphore pour le temps qui passe et qui nous amène à des décisions cruciales. Les singes tueurs représentent la violence et le danger qui nous guette. La mère et l'amie qui sont trop lentes peuvent symboliser un manque de prise de décision et d'action pour se protéger. Le couteau de boucher peut être une métaphore pour la force et le courage dont nous avons besoin pour nous défendre et survivre à la violence. La forêt représente un refuge pour se protéger et s'éloigner des dangers du monde réel. Les personnes qui se font déchiquetées par les singes peuvent être une métaphore pour ceux qui ne sont pas prêts à affronter le danger et la violence du monde.

Tue Oct 17 11:40:13 2023

I dreamt many toilets occupied by people and people have put there beds, cloths useable items inside the many toilets. i dit not find a vacant toilet

This dream could symbolize feelings of being overwhelmed or crowded. Toilets are often associated with emotional release or relief, so the fact that the toilets are occupied could represent a feeling of being stuck or unable to express yourself freely. The fact that people have put their beds and other items inside the toilets could indicate a need for a more secure and comforting environment due to feeling overwhelmed. It could also represent a feeling of being stuck in a situation that you can't get out of. Finally, the fact that you couldn't find a vacant toilet could represent a feeling of being unable to find support or relief from the situation.

Tue Oct 17 07:55:41 2023

Тень позади меня. Я почувствовал, как рука схватила меня за лодыжку и потащила под слой пыли…

Этот сон может быть интерпретирован как символ затягивания человека в свою собственную пасть и невозможность выбраться из нее. Тень, появившаяся позади главного героя сна, может иметь два значения. С одной стороны, это может быть символ прошлого, постоянно преследующего героя и напоминающего ему о прежнем. С другой стороны, тень может быть символом депрессии или бессилия, постоянно подстерегающих людей. Рука, схватившая героя за лодыжку и потащившая под слой пы

Mon Oct 16 20:42:32 2023

I dreamt that i was in my marching band. I messed up with notes or something, and the main band director decided that I shouldn't be part of marching band.

The symbolism in this dream can be interpreted as a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence. It may represent your fear of making mistakes and not being accepted. The marching band is a symbol of unity, teamwork, and collaboration, so it could mean that you are feeling anxious about not fitting in with a certain group or feeling like you are not able to contribute in meaningful ways. The fact that you messed up with the notes could symbolize your fear of not being good enough or feeling like you are not able to measure up to the standards of the group. The main band director's decision could represent your fear of rejection and not being accepted. In general, this dream could be interpreted as a sign that you are feeling insecure and not confident in yourself.

Sun Oct 15 15:30:36 2023

I wanted to go to the gym, but I had to climb a hill to get there. There were some men in front of that hill telling me that the hill is impossible to climb because they were stuck there too. On the other side, there was another hill that people could climb. There was a man who called me to climb that hill and exercise with him. I started climbing, and on my way to the top, I began shadowboxing. I also shadowboxed a bit at the top. While I was shadowboxing, I threw some sand with my feet through some holes in some ancient artifacts. The guy up there told me to be careful because I was damaging dangerous artifacts. I looked around, and all of them were protected by glass, but only this one had two holes through which the sand went. The guy who was there with me asked me for my golden necklace to hold it until I finished exercising, as a promise that I wouldn't damage artifacts anymore. After I finished, I asked him for my golden necklace, but he couldn't find it. He had 50 other golden necklaces, all the same as mine but with minor details, yet he didn't have mine. He checked a couch that was there, and he checked his bag, but he couldn't find it. We looked for a long time, but the necklace was never found. I had the ring that goes together with the necklace in my hand, but the necklace itself was nowhere.

The dream you describe is symbolic of the difficulty of achieving success. The hill you must climb to reach the gym is representative of the obstacles you must overcome to achieve success. The men stuck at the hill represent the people who have given up on their dreams because the obstacles are too challenging. The man who calls you to climb the other hill and exercise with him symbolizes the determination and strength of character needed to overcome those obstacles. The shadowboxing you do while climbing the hill is a sign of the inner strength you need to take on the challenge. The sand you throw through the holes in the artifacts is symbolic of the destruction of old beliefs and values that may be holding you back. The golden necklace the man holds for you until you finish exercising is a sign of your commitment to staying focused and achieving your goals. The fact that the necklace is not found in the end is symbolic of the fact that success will take dedication and hard work and will not come easily.

Sat Oct 14 11:41:45 2023

A hypnotising fox being angry at me because I’m immune to hypnosis and also wanting to kill my ex best friend because she likes a bit I like

The dream is likely reflecting a feeling of powerlessness. The dreamer may feel overwhelmed by the fox, and unable to be hypnotized, which could represent feeling like they cannot be influenced or affected by external sources. The dreamer's ex best friend liking something the dreamer also likes could reflect a feeling of competition or jealousy. The dreamer wanting to kill the ex best friend could reflect a feeling of anger and resentment towards the ex best friend, likely stemming from the feeling of competition and jealousy. The dream is likely reflecting a feeling of powerlessness and frustration, feeling like they cannot be influenced by external sources and feeling angry and resentful towards someone they used to be close to.

Thu Oct 12 08:24:38 2023

Estaba en una iglesia antigua con mi clase y estaba sentado con la mejor amiga de la persona que me gusta. Ella estaba más a la izquierda y más adelante. Pero faltaba una copa, así que fuimos todos a buscarla. Yo iba andando y conversando íntimamente con l a persona que me gusta y ella me advirtió que había un profesor q me iba a dar un susto. Al final encontramos la copa dentro d otra iglesia y estuvimos allí toqueteando botones y comiendo chuches.

En este sueño, la iglesia antigua simboliza la relación entre la persona que te gusta y tu mejor amiga. El hecho de que estés sentado con tu mejor amiga simboliza que te sientes cercano a la persona que te gusta, aunque el hecho de que esté más a la izquierda y más adelante indica que hay algo que te impide acercarte más. La copa representa el deseo de tener una relación íntima con la persona que te gusta. El hecho de que vayas andando y hablando íntimamente simboliza el deseo de tener una conexión cercana con ella. La advertencia de que hay un profesor que te dará un susto simboliza los obstáculos que debes superar para tener una relación con la persona que te gusta. El hecho de que encuentren la copa en otra iglesia simboliza que hay esperanza de tener una conexión real con la persona que te gusta. Finalmente, el hecho de toquetear botones y comer chuches simboliza que estás tratando de lidiar con tus sentimientos por la persona que te gusta.

Tue Oct 10 21:51:02 2023

I woke up and walked down stairs and found my crush sitting on my sofa in a white dressing gown and she said ''come here, let's snuggle'' like she was my girlfriend so we snuggled and watched tv

This dream is likely to symbolize a desire to be close with your crush and to begin a relationship. The white dressing gown is likely to represent purity and innocence which suggests that the relationship you have with your crush is still very much in its infancy. The fact that you are snuggling together and watching TV suggests that you are both comfortable with each other and that you share many of the same interests, creating a strong connection between the two of you. The dream may also be a sign of your optimism, trust and willingness to take a chance and pursue something with your crush. All in all, this dream is likely to represent your hope for a romantic relationship with your crush and the potential for it to become something beautiful.

Tue Oct 10 17:57:10 2023

Estaba en una playa muy grande y el agua era muy clara y azul y tambien habia una montaña grannde al fondo y me tomaban una foto en la que sonreia y se veia la playa y la montaña de fondo yo estaba muy feliz, llevaba de ropa unos pantalones grandes y una camisa grande ropa que me gusta

mucho En general, los sueños con playas son símbolos de un estado de relajación mental. En este sueño, la playa es grande y el agua es clara y azul. Esto simboliza un estado de tranquilidad mental y satisfacción emocional. La montaña grande en el fondo simboliza una meta, un objetivo o una aspiración por alcanzar. El hecho de que te tomen una foto en la que sonríes mientras se ve la playa y la montaña al fondo significa que te sientes feliz y seguro de que alcanzarás tus metas. Los pantalones grandes y la camisa grande que llevas simbolizan la seguridad que te das a ti mismo. Esta ropa también representa tu comodidad y estilo personal. En general, este sueño sugiere que te sientes contento, seguro y tranquilo en tu vida actual.

Tue Oct 10 09:03:27 2023

I'm an anthropomorphic elephant in my bed. There's a hunter outside of my bedroom and I'm scared. I want to scream but doing so would alert the hunter who would kill me.

Dans ce rêve, l'éléphant anthropomorphe symbolise la vulnérabilité et la fragilité. Il se sent en danger et impuissant face à la menace que représente le chasseur à l'extérieur de sa chambre. Il a peur de crier car cela pourrait alerter le chasseur qui pourrait le tuer. Ce rêve peut représenter une situation dans laquelle le rêveur se sent menacé et a peur de parler ou de prendre des mesures pour se protéger de la menace.

Mon Oct 9 16:16:25 2023

I dreamt that i was using a dream interpreter to analyze my previous dreams. A mother and her son entered the room and was looking at what i was doing

. This dream could symbolize your need to understand yourself and your unconscious mind better. The dream interpreter could represent the desire to gain insight into your subconscious needs and motivations. The mother and son may symbolize the different aspects of your own internal being- the mother representing the nurturing or caring side and the son representing the more youthful, curious part. It could also indicate your need to be accepted and understood by others. The presence of the mother and son in the dream could be a sign that you feel supported and safe, and that you have the courage to explore your inner self.